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Nothing quite satisfies like a pie. Whether it’s a cold and chilly day and you’re craving a slice of apple pie or, it’s a hot summer arvo and you need a meat pie covered in tommy sauce. Everyone loves a good pie. 

Here, we’re giving you the top 5 most popular pies! Check out the list below and see if your favourite pie made it!

Beef Mince Pie

Beef Mince Pie

It should come as no surprise that the classic beef mince pie has made it to position number one. Beef mince pies are a staple in the Australian diet. Alongside vegemite, Bunnings’ snags and Tim Tams—the beef mince pie is synonymous with Australian culture. 

When you take a bite of Pinjarra Bakery’s beef mince pie, you’ll understand what all of the fuss is about (we promise we’re not biased). Made from quality local beef and combined with our signature seasoning and homemade gravy… we like to think we know our beef mince pies. 

Enjoyed in the car on a long road trip, at the beach in-between surf breaks or at one of Pinjarra Bakeries—the beef mince pie is enjoyed by Australians any- and everywhere.

Potato Beef Pie

Just when you think the beef mince pie couldn’t get any better… we take your beloved favourite and top it off with creamy mashed potato… Is your mouth watering yet?

Nodding to the traditional English dinner of meat and potatoes (think: Shepherd’s Pie, Steak and Mash, roast with mashed potatoes) we’ve taken this English dinner favourite and given it an Aussie spin.

With a sprinkle of cheese and parsley on top, the potato beef pie is wholesome, mouth-watering and incredibly appetising.

Potato Beef Pie - Most Popular Pies
Vegetarian Pie

Vegetarian Pie

If you’re normally one to skim past the vegetarian pies on the menu, you could be making the biggest mistake of your life. Ok, we might be being a little dramatic here but we’re not far off.

If you’re new to vegetarian pies, we recommend trying our legendary Waltzing Matilda vegetarian pie. Packed with fresh garden vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, corn and peas cooked to perfection in our cream cheese sauce… you’ll be taken to flavour heaven with every bite.

For those who enjoy trying something new, our Tandoori Vegan is an explosion of delicious Tandoori seasoning and with sweet pumpkin, potatoes, carrots and chickpeas. Plus, it’s vegan! Bring all your vego friends to Pinjarra Bakery and enjoy these delectable goodies.

Beef And Bacon Pie

Just imagine biting into a delicious beef pie and being met with little pieces of crispy bacon mixed in with the quality beef mince. It’s a meat-lover’s dream. 

If you’re hankering for a beef and bacon pie, allow us to serve you up one of our Pinjarra Bakery favourites—Beef, Bacon and Cheese. Australian beef mince and crispy bacon cooked in our traditional gravy recipe with a layer of melted cheddar cheese. This pie is so good, you will be going back for seconds.

Beef and bacon pies are certainly hard to beat, that’s why we’ve made it our mission to take it up another level. Our Ned Kelly pie features gourmet beef, bacon… AND cheese and egg. It’s a go-to breakfast for the Aussiest of Aussies. If you think you have what it takes, visit your local Pinjarra Bakery and we’ll sort you out.

Beef And Bacon Pie
Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Originating in England with culinary influences from France and the Netherlands—apple pie was brought to the colonies by European settlers and it has stayed rooted in Australian history ever since. 

Apple pie is a classic dessert, most often served during the winter months when you’re craving a warm sweetness. Commonly served with ice cream and cream (and custard if you’re that way inclined)—it was essential to include apple pie in this list of the 5 most popular pies.

If you’re now craving apple pie let us cut you a slice of our big ole Family Apple Pie! Fresh pastry, local granny smith apples, cinnamon sweetness and made with a few secret PB ingredients. 

Hungry for pies?

You heard it here first folks, the top 5 most popular pies to wrap your gob around. 

Now that you’ve finished this read, the only thing left to do is to try them! 

Come down to your nearest Pinjarra Bakery and enjoy all of these popular pies. If you’re really hungry, order online one of each and find your favourite #pielove