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Long weekends are made for camping. And if you’re like many who plan to head bush this long weekend, you’ll be thinking about what to cram into your SUV.

When it comes to camp food, it pays to be organised. Much like when you’re planning food for a party, and you need to find someone who can serve up yummy finger food catering in Perth.

While it would be great to pack the whole pantry, it’s just not possible when you go camping. Going off the grid though doesn’t mean you have to forgo tasty meals. So, to help you with your menu planning here are 5 satisfying camp food ideas to get your campsite buzzing.

1. Banana bread pancakes

Brekkie shouldn’t be boring just because you’re camping. And you know it’s going to be a great start to the day when you wake up to the smell of pancakes cooking. A simple pancake recipe is all you need mixed with a ripe mashed banana, cinnamon and brown sugar. Alternatively, to save on space and time just grab a pancake mix from your local supermarket and throw the extra ingredients in. Add some chopped walnuts and maple syrup on top and your breakfast will be the envy of every camper.

2. Bushwacker pie

Bacon and egg sandwiches are great, but wait ‘til you try our open top Bacon & egg pie, loaded with smoky bacon, a whole egg, onions and cheese- famously encased in our flaky crust. If you’re after zero prep for breakfast, swing by your nearest Pinjarra Bakery and start your day off with the breakfast of champions!

3. One pot mac & cheese

After a long day of outdoor adventuring, the kids will love tucking into a comforting bowl of cheesy macaroni. You just need one pot for this simple recipe, but the trick is to cook the pasta in milk! Once your pasta is boiled, stir through your cheese to thicken up the sauce and add any extra flavouring like paprika for a bit of spice, or herbs such as chives, oregano or basil for a bit of colour and aromas. Too easy!

4. Campfire grilled fish tacos

If you’re camping, chances are you’re probably going fishing too. And if you’re lucky enough to catch your dinner, fish tacos is the way to go. Whether you’re cooking over an open fire or on the BBQ, season and grill your fish to your liking, grab a warm tortilla and build your taco your way with some avocado and corn salsa. Not too much fuss but full of flavour!

5. Aussie style S’mores

Take your marshmallows on a stick to the next level, with an Aussie version of s’mores. This American camping tradition combines roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. Here in Perth, it’s hard to find graham crackers, but you can substitute it with Marie or McVities Digestives biscuits, or experiment with whatever you like.


Anyone else’s tummies grumbling?

If you’re passing through Pinjarra, Waroona or Port Kennedy this long weekend swing by, say hi and grab a pie!

Not the camping type and plan to relax or even host a party at your place this long weekend? Save time with the food prepping and order from our delicious catering Perth menu.

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