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Being the host for an event takes a lot of effort and time. You have to juggle several elements of arranging the party to ensure that it’s a success. Among the many things you, as a host, have to consider is food.

Party platters are the perfect solution for those looking for dining that pleases everyone. The art of creating a perfect party platter is a little more complicated then one might think. You can’t just throw a bunch of items on a plate and expect it to look appetising. The following are a few ways you can elevate any party platter.

Quality Is Everything

You want to offer a wide variety of foods so that all your guests are satisfied. However, to get the best results, ensure that the food you serve is of a high quality. When you’re crafting your platters, use only fresh produce and freshly-made sauces and dips.

You want your guests to talk about how amazing the plates are. A good way to make sure that you get the best ingredients is by visiting your local farmer’s market. You can purchase quality items at reasonable prices. Opting for a finger food catering business can also ensure you get quality food. Staples to consider adding to or requesting a company add to your platter include seasonal fruits, various crackers, quality cheeses, and a range of seeds and nuts.

Start With A Centrepiece

One way to make your platter appear more appetising is by enhancing the presentation. One sure-fire way to attract people to the source of food is by using something beautiful as a centrepiece and arrange your food around it.

A good go-to is a wheel of rich cheese or a ball of creamy burrata. If you prepare your platters in advance then leave space for these chilled cheeses and add it during the final moments of preparation so that it’s at its best.


Don’t Forget The Dips

You can never go wrong with a good dip. A fresh dip or two can be the perfect addition to already good food. Finger food catering places often offer hand-made dips that a fresh and taste delicious. Hummus, pesto, and greek yogurt dips are great choices as they thick enough and can be easily dolloped directly onto the platter. But there are a huge variety of different options to add spice and flavour to your finger foods too.

Be Colourful

As mentioned before, presentation is a key factor to consider. A good way to catch a guests eye is by making your platter as colourful as possible. When choosing your fruits and vegetables, go for options that are naturally bright. You can also have other aspects such as edible flowers that can further enhance the look of your food. For events aimed at younger audiences, consider cutting these color fruits into fun shapes, like hearts and stars.

Assortment of Platters

When creating the perfect party platter, you want to keep your items into groups of three. Have three types of berries, three different crackers, and three varieties of cheeses. This will help your platter look balanced and neat. Place your items evenly across the table so that it’s easy for your guests to reach. Be sure to keep your warmed and chilled foods separate from each other so that they don’t affect the freshness or temperature of one another.

Keep Everything Small

The whole point of party platters is to create an assortment of bite-sized foods, so be sure to ensure the items you have are actually bite-sized. Foods that can’t be eaten within one or two bites can make socialising awkward for people. Plus, keeping things small allows your guests to have a chance of trying everything. Bottom line: leave larger portions for dinner events.

Hire a Professional

Putting together a really good party platter is harder than you may think, especially if you’re trying to make your event perfect. If you want to save on time and frustrate, reach out to our finger food catering company. Our team can help design and create the perfect plate for whatever your needs are. If it all seems overwhelming then give us a call, and we can help out.