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Anyone who says they don’t like chocolate… has to be lying! Or maybe they haven’t yet tried  our delicious chocolate desserts on our catering menu!


If you’re looking to add chocolate desserts to your event, birthday or special occasion – look no further. Our catering menu is guaranteed to satisfy. Here, we’ve listed our favourite chocolate themed desserts from our catering menu so you can put on the ultimate chocolate feast . 

Proceed with caution… If you’re currently on a diet, you best chuck it out the window and start next Monday. Your chocolate cravings will be in full force after reading this blog.

chocolate dessert

1. Hedgehog Slice

Similar to a brownie, yet with a different texture – hedgehog slice is one of our go-tos when we’re craving a sweet treat. 

A chocolate based slice made with crushed biscuits, coconut, condensed milk and topped with melted chocolate – one bite of our hedgehog slice is going to send you straight to chocolate heaven. Sweet, crunchy and more-ish. 

The perfect dessert to enjoy with a cup of tea or alongside a fruit platter for the kiddies.

2. Rocky Road Slice

Made with high quality milk chocolate, marshmallows and nuts – our Rocky Road is always a fun and delicious dessert for all party guests. 

Fun fact – Rocky Road originates in Australia! The story goes, Aussies made the chocolate slice as a way to sell confectionery that had spoiled during the long trip from Europe. Hiding the lollies in delicious chocolate, Rocky Road quickly became popular in the country. The name “Rocky Road” nods to the rocky road travellers had to take to reach the gold fields.

Rocky Road has become a staple chocolate dessert for Aussies everywhere. Although beginning as a way to hide stale lollies now, bakers and chocolatiers use premium and expensive ingredients at every step.

chocolate brownies

3. Chocolate Brownie Slice

Everyone loves a good chocolate brownie! 

Chocolate-y, fudge-y and simply scrumptious! We’re not usually ones to brag but wow-ie our chocolate brownies are something special. Made with premium milk and dark chocolate and cooked perfectly to obtain the very best brownie texture – is your mouth watering yet?

PLUS we’re the kind of bakery that puts icing on our brownies! We live by the philosophy that icing makes (nearly) everything better. Sprinkled with nuts on top, this is a must try for all chocolate brownie lovers!

4. Caramel Slice

Everything you could ever need in one dessert – chocolate, caramel and biscuit. Boy oh boy, how good are caramel slices!? 

Since the beginning of  Pinjarra Bakery, caramel slice has been a popular choice amongst our community. With our signature recipe and premium WA ingredients, it’s a delectable treat to enjoy after a sausage roll, a meat pie or paired with your coffee.

Order a caramel slice on your next visit to see what everyone is talking about!

chocolate themed desserts
chocolate dessert

Chat with our catering team

These 4 chocolate themed desserts are guaranteed to satisfy your guests. Served in bite-sized squares, our dessert catering menu is perfect for all guests and for all occasions. 

Many of our desserts featured in our dessert catering menu are also available in-store. If you’re wanting to try before you commit to the catering order, pop into your nearest Pinjarra Bakery location and dig into a chocolate dessert. 

Looking to order? Talk with our catering team to get our Pinjarra Bakery desserts at your next event.