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Get the party started with these Summer finger food catering options! Whether you’re keeping it simple, catering for dietary requirements or you’re aiming to impress your friends with fancy treats – we’ve got you covered this Summer.

Summer events

Good food = good party

Food plays a big role in events. No one likes to be hungry, especially when there’s socialising and drinking involved. As the host, it’s your job to make sure everyone’s fed so they can keep on having a good time. This might sound easy at first however, considering all of the variables you have to think about when planning your food, it can be quite a tricky process. 

It can be quite the challenge being the host! But don’t worry, Pinjarra Bakery is here to make the process easy, breezy and a whole lot of fun.

Planning your catering

Before you plan out what food you’ll be ordering you’ll need to consider the following:

  1. How many people are attending the event?
  2. Are there any allergies/dietary restrictions?
  3. Is the event during the day or at night?
  4. Is there a theme?
  5. Any additional information that might affect the food choices. 

For Summer, you want to select food that is going to suit the temperature of the day. If it’s a 30+ degree day guests will be less inclined to eat a filling carb-heavy meal and will instead opt for a lighter dish or finger food. Keep this in mind when choosing your finger food.

Best Summer Finger Food catering options

Now that you’ve got all of the planning out of the way, it’s time to choose the food! To make life easier, we’ve included our best Summer finger food catering  list right here. All made fresh with local and high quality ingredients, you can purchase this list from our team at Pinjarra Bakery.


Tortilla Wraps

Light, healthy and refreshing – our tortilla wraps are delicious finger food catering options for your next Summer event. When you’re having a couple of drinks and you’re looking for a bite to eat that’s not too heavy, tortilla wraps are an excellent choice. At Pinjarra Bakery we have designed a tortilla menu with different fillings to choose from. Turkey and cranberry, chicken lovers or our special curry in a hurry, browse our range of wraps and pick out your favourites.

Fruit Platters

It might sound like an obvious option but when done well, fruit platters look impressive as well as add a refreshing touch to your food spread. Finishing off your meal with a burst of watermelon or a kick of pineapple completes the courses on a light and refreshing note. Even if you’re serving cakes and pastries, it’s important to offer fruit as well. We select seasonal fruits to ensure the best tasting fruits for your platter. Browse our fruit platter offerings for more information.

Classic Sandwiches

To put it simply, you can’t go wrong with sandwiches. Sandwiches hold an important place at every catering event. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate function, wedding or a New Years celebration – everyone loves a good sandwich. Curried egg, ham and cheese, mixed meat… the options are endless! Impress your guests with our sandwich selection.

Party Pies

When we think of Aussie Summer, classic meat pies first come to mind. Drizzled with tomato sauce, if your mouth isn’t watering yet there has to be something wrong! 

We bake all of our pies, quiches and sausage rolls in mini size! This means you can keep holding your drink in one hand and pick up a party pie in another. Now that’s an event we would like to attend!

Need some help?

There’s certainly a lot to plan and organise for an event! If you need some help, contact our team today, we’re very experienced when it comes to finger food catering for events. If you’ve got a catering question, we’ve got the answer. We look forward to hearing from you.