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It’s summertime here in Perth which means lots of planning and prepping for your fun outdoor events! Whilst winter is for staying indoors, hibernating and gaining a few extra kgs to keep you warm… Summer is all about being outside, soaking up the sun and snacking on the delicious and fresh summer catering.

Generally, summer catering is often focused on fresh, light and refreshing dishes that are suitable for outdoor events including picnics, pool parties, graduations, weddings, and other outdoor gatherings. Ultimately, summer catering aims to provide a delicious and enjoyable dining experience that complements the warm weather and outdoor setting.

To ensure you choose the best summer catering, read our tips and tricks below! We’ve been catering for events throughout every season for over 25 years, and we like to think we’ve learnt a thing or two. Keep reading to find out more…

For outdoor events

Hosting a picnic, beach event or backyard gathering? Make sure you choose fresh and chilled catering options to keep your party feeling cool under the summer sun.

In summer, guests tend to eat less compared to winter events therefore finger foods can be a better option rather than opting for a filling and hearty buffet or three-course meal.

For your summer savoury finger foods, choose a selection of fresh sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and quiches. These finger foods are not only delicious but also, filling, crowd-pleasing, easy to eat and can be prepared for a variety of dietary requirements. Everyone loves a good array of sandwiches!

For your summer sweet finger foods, choose chilled desserts such as cheesecakes, custard slices, cream-filled eclairs and plenty of ice cream to scoop alongside the sweet treat. Provide a fruit platter for those looking for a lighter option and who are hoping to still look good in their swimsuit (… we’ve given up).

outdoor events

For indoor events

If you’re hosting your summer event indoors in your home, at an indoor pool or under a shady canopy, you’ll have a few more options to choose from for your finger food catering.

With plenty of shade and air conditioning, indoor summer events mean that guests will be feeling nice and cool and will be more inclined to eat hot foods. Our go-to for indoor summer events is hands down the Classic Savouries Mix! Featuring all of the favourites (beef mince pies, sausage rolls, spinach & ricotta rolls and more!) this catering order never fails to get the party started. Pair alongside a few rounds of fresh sandwiches and your guests will be spoiled for choice!

For dessert, opt for the Sweet Tooth Bite Size Delight spread, which is an impressive selection of 8 different desserts conveniently served bite-sized so that your guests can enjoy a little bit of everything… and trust us, you’ll want to try them all!

It’s also important to note that if your guests are embarking on summer activities such as swimming, cricket or volleyball, keep in mind that your guests will be especially hungry. For these summer events, you will need to order more food to ensure all guests are full and satisfied.

Complete your event with catering

Food and drinks can greatly impact the mood and atmosphere of an event, and can also be used to set the tone and style of the entire day.

Well-planned and executed catering can enhance the overall enjoyment of an event and leave a lasting impression on guests. On the other hand, poor catering can negatively impact the event and lead to dissatisfaction amongst guests. It’s important you give catering sufficient time to plan and organise to avoid providing food and drinks that leave your guests, well, leaving!

Keep your guests talking about the event long after summer with the best catering in the business… from yours truly of course! If you’re looking for catering, chat with our experienced events team at Pinjarra Bakery.

Complete your event with catering