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Attention love birds… Valentine’s Day is coming up and we would hate for you to forget to grab your special someone a truly unique, meaningful and delicious Valentine’s Day gift! Not to worry, we’ve got your back so you can surprise and delight your Valentine with something unexpected yet thoughtful. Discover the perfect gift below!

The perfect pie

The secret to someone’s heart… is through their stomach!

You might not think at first that a meat-filled pastry would be the ticket to your Valentine’s heart, however, we urge you to think again.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, small gifts go a long way. Just imagine greeting your special someone and presenting them with a freshly baked gourmet pie from Pinjarra Bakery! Pie in one hand and tommy sauce in the other—your Valentine is guaranteed to smile with joy when they see, smell and taste the glorious deliciousness of their favourite pie.

With some time up your sleeve until the big day (February 14th), do a little snooping to figure out what their favourite meat pie is! Are they looking for a classic-fav Beef Mince or Potato Beef, or perhaps they’re more of a gourmet pie kinda person. Check out our menu to find your delicious gift.

The Perfect Pie

Something sweet, for someone sweet

Anyone who says they don’t have a sweet tooth is either lying or, they haven’t tried our delectable and freshly baked sweet goodies. Slices, donuts, tarts, eclairs, cakes, sweet pies and more! You’ll be able to find your Valentine’s favourite dessert at Pinjarra Bakery.

If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend beginning with chocolate! There’s something about Valentine’s Day that brings out chocolate cravings… or is that just us?

To satisfy your Valentine’s chocolate cravings (and yours too…) choose from our chocolate icing covered Hedgehog Slice, jam-packed Rocky Road, soft and moist Chocolate Brownie or keep it simple and delicious with Chocolate Mudcake. If your sweetheart is not a fan of chocolate, we have a cabinet that’s always chokers full of a wide range of sweets. Come down to your local Pinjarra Bakery and check out our crowd-pleasing selection!

Spoil your Valentine!

If you really want to spoil your Valentine this year, treat them to a little bit of everything. Choose their favourite pie for mains, add on a veg pastie for sides and then follow it all up with two of their favourite desserts (because one is never enough). Our go-to’s are the Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Slice, guaranteed to make your sweetheart swoon.

Don’t forget to choose a few goodies from the menu for yourself too! Once you get a whiff of the delicious baked pastry, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t grab a bite for yourself too, let’s just say it’s a bit of ‘self love’ for V-day.

Once you’ve picked up your delicious goodies from Pinjarra Bakery, place them into a picnic basket and head down to your favourite park. With this glorious weather in Western Australia, relaxing on a picnic rug with a Pinjarra Bakery feast will be the perfect way to celebrate the special occasion.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a Valentine, you’re looking for one or, you’re celebrating V-day solo this year—everyone deserves some pastry-filled love.

Our team at Pinjarra Bakery will be working hard, slogging it in the kitchen and serving the PB goods with a big serving of smiles. If you need a bit of self-love, we’ll sort you out with a fresh pie and a friendly chat.

We look forward to seeing you down here at your nearest Pinjarra Bakery location.

Treat Your Valentine... To A Pie!