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Aussies like to make a statement when firing up the BBQ and enjoying the time in the sun. While the rest of the world hunkers down for winter, Aussies break out t-shirts, shorts, and thongs. It’s one of the many benefits of living in the land Down Under. As a hospitable group of people, we also like to party and eat well. Bringing finger foods to a party can either be an easy-out of chips and dip or an opportunity to step up and bring something people won’t soon forget.

Need ideas for your next party? Our finger food catering in Perth guarantees you’ll be a hit at any party and invited back again and again. Check out our options and then contact Pinjarra Bakery today!

Simmering Sausage Rolls

One popular party favourite is the classic sausage roll. Hand-rolled and baked into a golden puff pastry, these bite sized delights are a hit when it comes to finger food catering. We wrap quality sausage meat, glaze it with milk or egg, and bake it to perfection. These snacks can be served cold or hot but will be a hit no matter what.

Marvellous Mini Ham & Cheese Croissants

These sandwiches might be mini, but they pack a huge punch of flavour. We recommend this finger food catering option when looking for a morning party snack. The croissants are light and fluffy with just the right ratio of ham and cheese to really make these croissants a soon to be requirement at any gathering in Perth.

Perfect Potato Pies

What makes a pie better? A pie in a convenient, finger-food size. Pinjarra Bakery has been perfecting our pies since being established in 1997. This is what makes our party size potato pies such a hit. A combination of creamy mashed potatoes and beef mince pie is topped off with parsley and cheese garnish for a bite size perfect pie. This much flavour in one bite is a top choice for finger food catering in Perth. We highly suggest this option as a simple and tasty party solution!

Delectable Desserts

If you are at a party, chances are someone there has a sweet tooth. Fortunately, Pinjarra Bakery can cater to even the sweetest of sweet tooths with our bite sized dessert delights. This catering option has finger food sized portions of some of our most popular desserts. This includes mini slices of flavours like caramel, vanilla, apple, rocky road, and even cheesecake. This is a great choice when trying to cater to several palates. You can order a variety of slices, mix it up, and bring something for everyone!


Pinjarra Bakery works hard to bring the best catering in Perth to your party. Since 1997, we have served the local community and become an established favourite. Ours is a family business that prioritises providing signature pies, delicious desserts, and crowd favourites. We can bring this to your next event with our simple finger food catering options. Contact Pinjarra Bakery today!