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Hosting a party takes serious planning, even if it’s only for a few guests. You need to consider location, music, decorations, and most importantly, food. Many individuals would argue that the food offered at a party is often the highlight of the night – if you have this down, you’re looking at a successful get together for you and your friends.

Finger food catering is made easy with Pinjarra Bakery. We have a wide selection of finger foods to choose from that are all unique in their own, special way. Confident in what we do, we are proud of the tasty options we offer our customers. In this short post, we want to cover 5 finger foods that you should consider during the party planning process.

1. Stuffed Apricots

Do your guests prefer sweet or salty foods? This is a tough decision to make, but a fun option that suits both are stuffed apricots. They are juicy, sweet, and can be stuffed with fillings like cream cheese. Sprinkle some nuts or honey over them for that special touch – we know your invitees will go crazy over these!

2. Mini Corn Dogs

There should always be some type of greasy food at a party, and mini corn dogs are a great way to go. They are convenient, easy to make, and even easier to eat! Add some sauce options for your guests to choose from, such as BBQ sauce, ketchup, honey mustard, garlic aioli, Sriracha mayo, and more. Your guests can simply dip them into the sauce of their choice and enjoy!

3. Sliders

You can’t go wrong with small burgers – in fact, we recommend you add them to your list of finger foods for the night-time gatherings. These bite-size options are great, and you know how to make them even better? Let your guests create their own! To do this, just lay out toasted buns, patties, sauces, and veggies out on the tray for a delectable DIY treat.


4. Jalapeño Poppers

Add some spice to your party with stuffed jalapeño poppers! Not everyone loves spicy foods, but the cream cheese inside helps with the spiciness. Aside from the cream cheese stuffing, consider topping with some bacon, breadcrumbs, or even fries. You can place these toppings on the sides, so your guest can customise their own.

5. Pies

And then, of course, you have your pies! These lip-smacking treats cannot be forgotten at your next event. A catering Perth company, Pinjarra Bakery is ready to cover this area of your get together. With us, you won’t have to worry about whether your guests will like the pie being served.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this short list of finger foods to consider at your next gathering. Whether you need an office catering service or advice on your next event, give us a call. At Pinjarra Bakery, we are more than happy to discuss your options with you and get you one step closer to a memorable event. Get in touch with us today!