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Approaching the end of the financial year is a great occasion to host a party for the whole company to join in on. Before you plan the date, time, and location, you should think about the kind of party you would like to achieve. 

What kind of food and activities will there be? Should you have a theme?

We have some tips and ideas on the best kind of party for your company so that all of your co-workers can feel included, have fun, and build up morale for the upcoming financial year.

Host a Company Lunch

A company lunch is a great way to bring everyone in the office together, because who doesn’t love free food? If they come for the food, they even end up socialising and having a great time together. You don’t even need to find a place to host the lunch—putting it together in a break room or conference room for easy accessibility is often the best option here.

Find a local business and reach out to them. Pinjarra Bakery specialises in corporate catering in Perth, with many options for lunch or any other meal of the day. From our gourmet twists on classic Australian beef mince pies to dessert options like apple pies, tarts, and brownies, this bakery can help come up with the perfect meal to make all of your co-workers and employees feel appreciated.


Have a Breakfast 

Breakfast is another popular option for the end of financial year party. You may find this to be the better option so you can get everyone started off on the right foot at the very beginning of the day. Having food items like waffles, pancakes, hash browns, and bacon set your team up with a hearty breakfast and gives them a chance to have some social time before getting down to work.

Providing water, orange juice, and a lot of coffee are great ways to keep everyone energised and in a great mood for other activities.

Play Games and Have Team Building Activities at Your Event

No company party is complete without some planned activities or games to round out the day. These games can be centred around problem-solving and learning more about the members of your company.

Two truths and a lie are popular icebreakers and can even be played during a meal. Everyone takes turns telling two true statements and one lie about themselves, and everyone will guess which one the lie is. You can learn a lot about your co-workers this way, and what you find out may surprise you!

You can also organise a team birthday line-up. Without talking, every member of the team will line up in order from the earliest birthday to the last birthday by day and month. This encourages good communication and problem-solving skills for everyone.

Contact Pinjarra Bakery

Need help catering for your party? Contact us to discuss options about your corporate catering in Perth and organise the perfect food spread for your whole team.