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Office parties are supposed to boost the morale of your employees, and be a fun social break from work. But some offices have gained a notorious reputation for throwing a dreaded party. Most of us have been to a bad office potluck. Too many people brought deserts, there is a mystery casserole, and the only edible dish is already picked over.

Even for those who have been to more office parties than years they’ve worked, it is possible to pull off a successful party with proper planning, entertainment, and bites. Follow these tips to make your party better than any your office has had before.

Plan Ahead

The downfall of many parties is waiting until the last minute and trying to scourge together whatever you can. Forming a party committee ahead of time with everyone having a manageable task can prevent issues. This avoids overwhelming someone at the last minute with too much to manage.

An office party is supposed to be a break from the stresses of work. Allotting yourself plenty of time assures everything runs smoothly.


The point of a party is to have fun; booking exciting entertainment can give your event the memorable boost it needs. Take into consideration the main demographic of your co-workers, and maybe even conduct a survey on the type of entertainment they enjoy.

Booking a DJ or band can avoid a situation where everyone is standing around desperately trying to make small talk.

Choose a Venue

The last place people want to spend their free time is at work, so if your budget allows bring the party outside of the workspace. Consider booking a reservation for space at a hotel or banquet hall. If you want something outside of the box you could go out to a comedy club, botanical garden, or mini-golf course.

If your budget doesn’t allow for an event outside of the office consider having a themed party with decorations that transform the space.

Office Catering

Ditch the same old same old go to restaurants and try something new. Pinjarra Bakery has all the delicious treats to cater for your next office party. Our corporate catering boasts savory pies such as spinach and ricotta rolls, beef potatoes pies, and party sausage rolls.

Sick of the same old store bought cookies? Our office catering offers bite-sized desserts such as cheesecake, rocky road, and lemon meringue slices. At Pinjarra Catering we offer corporate catering for as few as ten people, to as many as hundreds for large events.

Make boring, dull office are a thing of the past. With the proper planning, entertainment, venue, and food you can make your event something everyone actually looks forward to.