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Looking for easy entertaining ideas that require little prep and no stove or oven? No problem! You can still be a great host without spending hours of prep time in the kitchen and here’s how, with our favourite no bake finger food catering ideas.

Grazing board

By far the easiest and most eye-catching finger food you can pull together if planning a get together at home, is a grazing board or charcuterie platter. In this case it’s not about the cooking, rather using the best ingredients and seasonal produce you can find to create your instagrammable masterpiece. 

Tailor your grazing board or table according your tastes – anything from cured meats and cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, crackers and dips, nuts and dried fruit – you get the idea. Then grab a long paddle or serving board and start assembling. Find inspiration with a simple search on Pinterest.

Avocado and prawn pillows

Take your high tea style finger sandwiches to the next level with these super easy to prepare avocado and prawn pillows. These fancy sangers prove that you don’t need many ingredients to make your finger food look and taste good!

Rice paper rolls

What we love about making your own rice paper rolls is how versatile this finger food is. You can put whatever elements you like in them and they can be made in no time at all. Key ingredients you’ll find in most paper rolls include vermicelli noodles, fresh crunchy veggies such as grated carrot, cabbage or cucumber. Throw in some bean shoots and your choice of protein such as cooked chicken, pork or prawns or, keep it vegetarian. Herbs like mint or basil add another layer of punch and don’t forget the peanut dipping sauce.

Beet & walnut dip

If you want stay away from a mayo or sour cream loaded dip, then this is your go-to easy to make solution. The only catch is you’ll need roasted beets (sorry this one does require oven time but you can prep it way ahead). Otherwise, get your hands on some pickled beetroots and you’re ready to rock. The flavour kick here is the walnuts and sherry vinegar, so make sure not to leave these out.

Melon & prosciutto skewers

Okay, so we’ve all seen the melon and prosciutto combo before – they’re two classic flavours that work extremely well together, but this one is worth adding to your finger food catering repertoire. Full marks for presentation and the balsamic glaze adds a nice touch.

Chocolate mousse cups

This light yet intensely chocolatey mousse is a quick and foolproof finger food dessert you can whip up in minutes. And you can get really creative in how you serve it up – martini glasses, espresso cups, small bowls or even Asian-style soup spoons. Make sure to plan ahead though, as the chocolate mousse does need around 2 hours chilling time in the fridge.

Looking for the best finger food catering in Perth?

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