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With Perth in full-forward position for hosting the AFL Grand Final, has there ever been a better time to invite your mates around for an epic grand final party? Before you start flicking out e-vites on Facebook, a little pre-planning goes a long way in turning the average AFL bash into a party to remember. Check out our top tips for hosting an awesome AFL Grand Final Party in Perth:

Deck Out the House 

If you have a big screen TV, you’re already halfway there when it comes to hosting an AFL Grand Final Party. Make sure everyone gets a good view by decking out your living room with cushions and bean bags. Or better yet, if it’s a sunny day, why not take the whole living room out to the backyard? A few balloons, flags and some bunting, showing off the grand final team’s colours, and it’s job done on the decorations. Check out some branded AFL Party Supplies here. 

Spread the Footy Fever 

There is nothing like getting everyone in the spirit of the grand final by asking them to come dressed as their favourite players, mullets, and all. Organising some sweeps is a great way to add some extra interest to the game and testing out your mate’s footy skills with a kicking or handball competition at half-time is sure to get a few laughs (just keep clear of the TV).

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Bring in the Pies 

Has there ever been a better match than footy and pies?  

Pies, sausage rolls, quiche and sangas are ideal, because you can carry them around and eat them with one hand. If you fancy yourself a bit of a chef … check out this great recipe for pulled pork burgers. But, if you’re not much of a cook (or worried you’ll miss some of the footy), why not order some finger food straight from Pinjarra Bakery? You can pick it up from Maddington, Waroona or Pinjarra, or we can deliver to you. 

Looking for the best finger food catering in Perth?

There has never been a better time to host an AFL Grand Final Party in Perth. It doesn’t take much to please the footy fans with premium viewing of the game, a little footy spirit splashed around and something to eat on the go. If you need a hand with some easy footy food, remember our Perth catering team is in the wings, ready to take your order.