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If you like to party the Aussie way you know that for your event to slay there are a few ingredients you should never go without: cold brews, good bangers and irresistible pies and rolls to feed your crowd.

Why bother cooking when you can opt for finger food catering?

Whether you’re gathering your friends, and family or celebrating with your coworkers, cooking for guests can be a bit of a challenge. Regardless of whether you’re catering for a dozen or a hundred, the challenge lies in catering to a diverse group with specific diets, allergies, gluten-free preferences, keto enthusiasts, and the ever-expanding list of dietary considerations. We mean…. as if organising the entire event and ensuring post-celebration cleanliness weren’t demanding enough, the prospect of spending hours in the kitchen beforehand can feel like an unnecessary hurdle. Plus, if we’re honest, the pressure of potential rejections, comments on your culinary choices or even worse the risk of messing up a family recipe?! No, thanks, that’s too overwhelming. So, why bother, right? Better leave it to the pros, honestly! 

Here at Pinjarra Bakery, we’ve dedicated over two decades to perfecting the art of crafting delectable pies, rolls, and other treats that are sure to delight your guests. Our culinary expertise extends beyond just pleasing some of the most discerning palates (yours ;)); we’ve curated a diverse selection of finger food catering options designed to save you time and effort while ensuring nobody goes hungry and everyone leaves your party happy. 

Plus, opting for finger foods comes with a major advantage – simplicity. Forget about fancy plates and cumbersome utensils; our catering platters are designed to be effortlessly enjoyed with just the fingers. Put away the silverware and let your guests indulge in an array of easy-to-grab, serve, and savour treats without the added burden of dishes. Because after all, your focus should be on creating memorable moments, not on being stuck in the kitchen or dealing with post-party cleanup. 

This is why we’ve developed an array of finger food catering options so you can elevate our event and make it a seamless, delicious, and stress-free experience for both you and your guests.

Pinjarra Bakery bakers in the kitchen

Pies’n’rolls are the new rock’n’roll: finger food catering options

When it comes to catering, at Pinjarra Bakery, we offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer classic choices like beef mince pies and sausage rolls or are open to more adventurous alternatives, our catering menu has something for everyone.

Our hot platter options include a range of classics such as beef mince party pies, beef potato party pies, party sausage rolls, party spinach & ricotta rolls, and mini quiche. If you prefer a mix, our party mix option combines our signature party pies and sausage rolls in a 50/50 combo. For those who have a go-to favourite, we offer party pies platters, party sausage rolls, or potato party pies, which can also be added to our mix platters.

If you’re in the mood for cold food, our cold platters have you covered. Choose from our classic sambo platter with a variety of sandwiches (Chicken, Lettuce & Mayo, Ham, Cheese & Tomato, Mixed Meat, Cheese, Tomato & Avocado, Curried Egg) or indulge in a European-inspired selection with our tortilla pinwheels and gourmet baguettes.

For dessert or if you fear you’d be missing the daily dose of greens, we also provide fruit platters. 

Finger food catering: we make tasty rhymes with easy at Pinjarra Bakery

At Pinjarra Bakery, we recognise the demanding nature of event planning, and we’re committed to lightening the load for party organisers by offering a delectable selection of convenient and easy-to-handle finger food catering options.

Whether we’re crafting culinary delights for a modest gathering of 10, a medium-sized crowd of 50, or a grand event hosting hundreds, our approach remains consistent – infusing each creation with the same levels of love, pride, and joy. We’re generous with flavour, and utilise only premium ingredients and locally sourced produce in our gourmet pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, and baguettes. Each of our products is freshly prepared and meticulously made from scratch within our kitchen.

Our finger food catering options are designed to provide flexibility, allowing you to choose a variety of products or stick to your personal favourites. Ideal for a spectrum of occasions, including parties, corporate functions, social gatherings, family reunions, sporting events, or any other festivity you’re hosting, our finger food platters are a fitting match for morning teas, lunch parties, or evening events.

Simply place your order 48 hours in advance, selecting the products that will delight your guests, and we’ll take care of the rest, ensuring you and your attendees savour the finest pies from the West. For events within a 10-15 minute radius from our selected store, our team is happy to assist with delivery – please reach out to your chosen store directly, as delivery requests cannot be processed online.

You will find more detailed information about our products and guidance on placing your order, on our catering page.

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