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Picture this: it’s high noon, and you find yourself confined to a boardroom, engrossed in a crucial meeting. Yet, amidst the discussions and presentations, the only thing you can hear if this relentless growl emanating from your stomach, distracting you from the matters at hand. We understand that predicament all too well. That’s precisely why we embarked on a mission to provide a solution. 

Developing a remedy for those midday hunger pangs, we’ve launched finger food catering services that deliver delicious pies, rolls and sandwiches right to your desk, transforming mundane meetings into flavourful experiences.

Take a break & take a bite

Planning that long-awaited meeting or event with your colleagues, business partners, or stakeholders is like scoring a goal you’ve been aiming for in a game of scheduling chaos. It’s that sweet moment when everyone’s calendar aligns, and you can finally bring your plans to life. Even if the only available time happens to be around lunch, you wouldn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. But hey, just because it’s a business affair doesn’t mean you have to power through on empty stomachs. Let’s banish those growling sounds from the boardroom and ensure your agenda includes a well-deserved break to refuel with a satisfying bite. After all, a productive meeting is fueled by good ideas and good food!

Pinjarra Bakery finger food catering services

Planning the perfect day of meetings or events requires not just coordination but also the right fuel to keep everyone energized and engaged. Our finger food catering services are crafted to seamlessly blend into your meticulously scheduled day, providing a hassle-free way to satisfy cravings and maintain the enthusiasm of your team. Whether your taste buds are yearning for classic savoury pies, flavorful rolls, or scrumptious sandwiches, our catering menu is a carefully curated selection designed to enhance productivity and elevate the entire meeting experience.

We’ve been perfecting the art of pies and rolls for decades, aiming to offer you not only the perfect classics but also exciting alternative options. From the timeless delight of classic beef mince pies and sausage rolls to more adventurous alternatives, our catering menu caters to every palate, ensuring a diverse array of options to suit your preferences.

Dive into our hot platter options, featuring classics like beef mince party pies, beef potato party pies, party sausage rolls, party spinach & ricotta rolls, and mini quiche. Looking to mix it up? Our party mix option presents a perfect 50/50 combo of signature party pies and sausage rolls. Explore specific favourites with our party pies platters, party sausage rolls, or potato party pies, seamlessly integrating into our mix platters.

Concerned about hot food losing its warmth before everyone is ready to dig in? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with our cold platter options. Whether you choose a classic sambo platter with various sandwiches like Chicken, Lettuce & Mayo, Ham, Cheese & Tomato, Mixed Meat, Cheese, Tomato & Avocado, and Curried Egg, or prefer a European-inspired experience with our tortilla pinwheels and gourmet baguettes, the choice is entirely yours.

For those moments between reunions and discussions, our fruit platters make for the perfect snack. Placed at the centre of the table, they provide a delightful nibble for everyone, ensuring a quick energy boost throughout the day. A healthy and easy option, our fruit platters guarantee that everyone stays energized and vibrant, steering clear of any midday energy slumps during your day of productive talks and connections.

Take a break, take a bite, enjoy a chat

Choosing finger food catering goes beyond satisfying hunger; it creates a space for everyone to pause, savour a bite, and most importantly, engage in conversation. 

When your goal is to nourish your team while keeping the flow of discussions seamlessly integrated, finger food emerges as the ideal solution. Whether these discussions serve as a natural extension of your meeting agenda or evolve into more private/small talk interactions, finger food becomes a versatile ally. It not only caters to the sustenance needs of your team but also facilitates a mini midday break, allowing individuals to savour moments of relaxation amidst the ongoing meeting day. In essence, finger food becomes the unifying element that balances both the professional and personal aspects of the day, fostering a conducive atmosphere for collaboration and camaraderie.

Indeed, whether your boardroom is bustling with colleagues or stakeholders, the essence of team spirit thrives on these informal exchanges. It’s during these moments that new business ideas and opportunities often emerge. By momentarily setting aside strict business talk and focusing on what truly lies at the core of any successful venture – the people – you cultivate an environment where connections deepen, creativity flourishes, and collaborative endeavours thrive. After all, behind every business decision, there are individuals with unique perspectives, experiences, and insights waiting to be shared and embraced.

Bite-sized bliss coming in hot to your boardroom: Pinjarra Bakery catering services

At the core of our finger food catering services is a commitment to enhancing the efficiency and enjoyment of your meticulously planned day of meetings. Partner in elevating your business meetings, we offer versatile and convenient services to ensure your meeting runs smoothly and savourly. Exit the distractions from a growling stomach or compromise on culinary excellence during important discussions and welcome Pinjarra Bakery services to keep your team engaged and energised as go through all these key business points. 

Place your order 48 hours in advance, carefully selecting your assortment of products. Once that’s done, consider it taken care of! 

For a comprehensive understanding of our products and detailed guidance on placing your order, visit our dedicated catering page. Here, you’ll find an extensive array of information, making the process smooth and enjoyable for you as you prepare for your upcoming event.

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