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Think about the last time you attended a party. Now think about the food you ate there. Is the memory making your mouth water, or are you struggling to remember what exactly was in that sad sandwich?

It’s often said that the number one thing party guests will remember is the catering. Whatever event you’re planning in Perth – whether it’s a family gathering, work bash or social function – make an impression with the perfect party spread. But how can you serve up great-tasting grub which is sure to please everyone?

The answer? Finger food. It might not have had a great reputation in the past, but gone are the days of damp vol-au-vents and carrot sticks. In this post, we’ll explain why finger food is the perfect choice for your next catered event in Perth.

Finger food is handy (literally)

Perhaps the best thing about finger food is how convenient it is – both for you and your guests. How often have you found yourself sitting next to a rowdy uncle or quiet colleague at a dinner party? If everyone can eat standing up, it means the socialising doesn’t have to stop just because the food has been served.

And what will you all be talking about? How delicious the catering is, of course! Convenience doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on taste. Our deluxe tortilla wraps – available with six fillings including ham salad, curry, and turkey and cranberry – pack a whole lot of flavour into a practical parcel. For dessert, our bite-sized delights are mess-free versions of patisserie favourites like rocky road, lemon meringues and chocolate brownies.

All this, and you’re spared from organising the seating plans, cutlery hire and washing up too!

Finger food offers a variety of flavours

Why limit yourself to three formal courses? Order a variety of finger foods instead and your guests can have a little bit of everything they fancy. The individual servings may be dainty, but choose hearty dishes – like our sausage rolls, award-winning steak and gravy pies, gourmet baguettes and stuffed sandwiches – and nobody will be going home hungry.

Save yourself the stress of taking orders before the big day (and expecting everyone to remember what they chose) and satisfy even the pickiest eaters with a range of sweet and savoury treats.

Finger food can be served any way you like

With sit-down meals, there’s not much scope for creativity. Not only are you often constrained by set menus – which can make it difficult to accommodate dietary requirements – there’s also little room to play around with presentation.

Finger food, however, gets a big thumbs-up for versatility. At Pinjarra Bakery, we deliver our catering on platters or in takeaway boxes, hot or cold to suit your needs. This means you’re free to arrange it however you please.

Hosting a veggie or gluten-free guest? Our Waltzing Matilda pies – filled with fresh vegetables in a cream cheese sauce – will be a hit with veggies and meat-eaters alike. Meanwhile, our gluten-free citrus tarts and strawberry cheesecakes are a delicious alternative to our cream cakes and fresh fruit platters.

Need finger food catering in Perth?

Finger food is the perfect choice, and nobody knows it better than us. Contact us at Pinjarra Bakery to discuss our catering menu today!

We are one of the most awarded bakeries in WA. With shops in Pinjarra, Waroona and Maddington, we’ve supplied catered finger food to companies and events all over Perth. We’re happy to get your party guests filled up with delicious finger foods they’ll remember long after the event.

Need help catering your party? Contact Pinjarra Bakery today!