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Carefully choosing the food that you decide to serve at your party is the best way to guarantee that everyone in attendance has a fantastic time. No matter how incredible the venue, the music, and the overall vibe is, sub-par food is the only thing that your guests will focus on!

Here are 5 catering tips to keep in mind to ensure that the food is as mouth-watering and as delicious as it can possibly be.

1) Consider a mix of foodie favourites

The terrifying reality for party planners is the fact that everyone has their own unique likes and dislikes. How on earth do you please every single one of your guests when this is the case? The secret is to steer clear of serving one ‘dish’ or one specific type of cuisine and to opt for a mixture of classic favourites instead.

Think items like:

2) Go savoury and sweet

It also helps to have a big selection of both savoury and sweet nibbles for guests to choose from. From a dessert perspective, you really can’t go wrong with a DIY fruit salad bar or bite-size cakes and chocolates.

3) Add a few homemade touches

Even if you are not going to be making the food yourself, you can still personalise it by adding in a few homemade touches. For example, you could opt to make the garnishes, or speak to the caterer about how you would like to have your food plated or arranged. It is indeed possible to retain full creative control even when using a catering company to complete the job.

4) Follow the ‘catering formula’

Countless chefs and caterers follow a specific formula when it comes to creating menus for parties and catering to a large number of guests. Ultimately, the formula revolves around including:

  • One decadent dish designed to really fill those tummies;
  • One sophisticated offering (such as elegantly crafted taco cups or savoury macarons);
  • one sizeable savoury sharing platter;
  • Two tasty dips served with crisps, pita bread (anything that can be dipped, really!);
  • A few types of pastries;
  • One or two hot dishes;
  • One or two simple, yet satisfying desserts (or another sharing platter filled with sweet treats).

5) Let Professionals in Perth Help You

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