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Besides the alcohol and anticipation to see who is going to make the biggest fool of themselves this year, arguably the greatest part of any office Christmas party is the food. We all love food, and Christmas is the best time of year for foodies. It allows us to fill ourselves up to our heart’s (and stomach’s) content all with the simple excuse of, “it’s Christmas, I’m allowed”.

But deciding on foods for your office party can feel like a pretty overwhelming task. It’s especially so when you have over fifty people all hinging their office party dreams on the quality of your finger food catering. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Pinjarra Bakery can handle it all for you, and we’re happy to do so! Here are just some of our most popular foods that could be perfect for your Christmas party.

1) Gourmet Baguettes

Why try to alter a classic? Unless, of course, you’re taking it from classic to gourmet. Our gourmet baguettes are a finger food catering favourite. They offer the perfect combination of practicality with enough flavour and choice to make them much more than a simple buffet staple.

We know that people are selective about what they put in their sandwiches, and rightly so. That is why we offer a variety of meat options such as ham, salami, turkey, and chicken in addition to vegetarian options available upon request! Our serving sizes are 12-piece (which serves 5-10) and 24-piece (which serves 10-15).

2) Mini Ham and Cheese Croissants

Brand new to the menu, and adding a continental twist to conventional finger food catering, our ham and cheese croissants provide a unique but delicious spin on traditional sandwiches. They’re fun, different, and sure to win over your colleagues.

We offer two serving sizes: an 18 piece serving that provides for 10-15 people, and a 36 piece serving that will satisfy 15-20!

3) Party Sausage Rolls

It isn’t a party buffet without sausage rolls. That’s just how it goes, and who are we to break the most fundamental rule of finger food catering? Our sausage rolls are baked to perfection. If the mini ham and cheese croissants were a little too zany for some members of the office, there’s nothing like a party sausage roll to bring them back down to Earth.

Our 24 piece serving will feed around 8-12 people. If you want to go one higher, we also do a 36 piece serving that will satisfy 12-18!

4) Deluxe Tortilla Wraps

Fancy something a little lighter than pastry or bread? Our deluxe tortilla wraps are right up your alley, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that we skimp on the ingredients. Our tortilla wraps are packed to the brim with delicious fillings, and we offer an extensive variety! From the ‘Chicken Lovers’ to the ‘Curry in a Hurry’, and the vegetarian ‘Say Cheese’, there’s something for everyone.

For Christmas, our recommendation is our ‘Turkey and Cranberry’ deluxe wrap. Who could say no to that festive finger food? A 12 piece serving will feed 6-12, and a 24 piece serving will cover 12-18!

5) Sweet Tooth Bite-Sized Delights

We know sugar-lovers, it’s all seemed a bit savoury so far. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of delicious bite-sized cakes and slices will fill that dessert shaped hole in your stomach. Vanilla Slice, Caramel Slice, Rocky Road Slice, Chocolate Brownie Slice, among many others, there’s something for absolutely everybody.

We know that people love cake, so our serving sizes are suitably large. A 40-piece serving will satisfy 15-30 of your colleagues, and an 80-piece serving will please 30-60. At this point, why not just make the whole buffet a cake celebration?

Sound good? We think so too! If you need help catering for your office party, contact us today!