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Planning to host the perfect Aussie Day festivities come the magical January 26th? Maybe you’ve already got the royal blue party hats, silly sunglasses, and mini flags to pass out to everyone. But if there’s one detail you’ve got to get right, it’s the food.

Feasting on mouthwatering food is partying the way only Australians know how. For the feast that will have guests talking about your party for the rest of the year, you can’t go wrong with catering in Perth.

This guide will help jumpstart your party planning and make the event perfect. Nothing screams amazing event like finger food catering. Here at Pinjarra Bakery, our specialties are sure to have your guests munching happily and leaving satiated. Here’s how to plan a finger-licking feast for the big day.

Think of What You’re Planning

Are you looking to host a small gathering, or are you looking to host something larger? This is the biggest factor when deciding on the catering you should be seeking. When planning your catering, check your plans against the guest list and the activities you’re planning for guests.

One type of food that is always a crowd-pleaser is finger food! No matter if you have a backyard BBQ or a massive event with tents and fountains of punch, you can’t go wrong with bite-sized deliciousness. Finger food catering means guests can nibble as little or as much as they’d like, and it saves you time (and mess) on everything from set-up to break-down.

Besides the size of the party though, the other aspect of party planning to consider is which flavours go with which parties. Not all parties have the same vibe, and you want to pick the flavours that are sure to please your crowd. That’s why we’ve divided our advice into what type of event you want to host. Consider the following when ordering finger food catering in Perth.

Looking to Relax and Enjoy the Holiday?

So you just want to gather family and friends for a relaxed, low-key celebration? Maybe you and your guests want to tune in for the televised events and lounge around munching on snacks and finger food. Aussie Day is a great opportunity for that! There’s no need to be extra to show your pride as an Australian—you just need the right food.

Hearty Aussie Central

Nothing screams Australian more than rich and savoury foods. Our classic savouries are perfect to satisfy any palette. We have a range of favourites, from beef mince pies, to sausage rolls, mini quiche Lorraine, bacon and cheese rolls, and more. You’ll get all the hearty flavours you’re seeking for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike.

Dessert and Chill

No meal is complete without dessert, and what works well in summer when it comes to sweets? Cake slices with sinfully delicious combos like lemon meringue, vanilla, Hedgehog, Rocky Road, and more. The sweet tooth bite-sized delights platter offers a variety of delicious flavours that will melt in the mouths of your guests.

Looking for a Little Adventure?

For a lot of us, Aussie Day is about going out and doing something amazing, like heading to a quay or celebrating on the beach. After all, it’s the middle of summer, so there’s a lot of fun activities you can enjoy for the more adventurous types. You can have a pool party, go surfing, or even skydiving. The possibilities are endless.

If adventure calls for your crew, finger food catering is sure to light a fire in everyone.

Fun Foods

For those looking to get out and seize the day, our deluxe tortilla wraps are the perfect lunch-time finger food catering. They’re nutritious, delicious, and won’t sit too heavy on the stomach—perfect for the go-getters to feel energised but not weighed down!

We have a variety of options, including for chicken lovers, ham and salad delight, turkey and cranberry, and curry for our vegetarian friends.

Summer Desserts

Another round for the dessert crowd. Summer desserts need to be cool and refreshing. But, if you go too heavy, you won’t be able to be as wild as possible. That’s why we recommend our fresh fruit platter filled with seasonal fruits to share.

Ready to Make a Catering Order?

Ready to set your ideas in motion for your party? It’s time to pick up the phone and make the catering order.