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Tis the season! Let’s talk Christmas catering.

Christmas (in July) is here and we’re in full-force with our Xmas finger food catering. If you’re hosting a Christmas in July party for your colleagues, your family or, for your friends – impress your guests with the best catering in town… Pinjarra Bakery catering of course!

Merry Christmas in July

If you haven’t heard of Christmas in July before, essentially it’s simply an excuse to party and have a good time in the middle of the year. As we enter the second half of the year we think it’s only fair you let a load off and enjoy a festive celebration. So grab those Christmas sweaters, reindeer ears and a glass of eggnog – it’s time to party.

Savoury snacks for Santa

It’s no secret that Santa has a sweet tooth but, no one (not even Santa) gets to dig into dessert without finishing the main course first. Here is where Pinjarra Bakery saves the day. 

From freshly baked party pies, meaty and satisfying sausage rolls and warm quiches – here at Pinjarra Bakery, we know how to put on a spread. 

Spoil your guests with the best savoury catering in Perth by placing an order with Pinjarra Bakery. Let our team know if there are any dietary requirements to cater for and we’ll prepare a scrumptious assortment of savoury finger foods for all of your guests.

cookies and milk
Christmas catering

Sweet treats for dessert

To go with your glass of eggnog, a sweet dessert finger food is a must! 

When it comes to dessert, we understand how hard it is to pick just one dessert off of the menu! It’s next to impossible. That’s why we’ve put together a sweet catering menu that comprises of… everything!

Order our Sweet Tooth Bite Sized Delights and receive our Pinjarra Bakery delicacies: Vanilla Slice, Apple Slice, Caramel Slice, Hedgehog Slice, Rocky Road Slice, Chocolate Brownie Slice, Lemon Meringue Slice and Cheesecake Slice. Now that’s a dessert menu we can get around!

Decorate your catering table!

Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to have some fun and host a festive party. We recommend going all-out with the decorations to really get your guests into the spirit of Xmas. 

Here’s a list of some of our ideas:

  • Decorate your catering table with tinsel, bon bons and baubles. 
  • Hang up a piece of yarn and pin Christmas cards to the string. 
  • Put up a Christmas tree! If you’re doing secret Santa, put the presents underneath.
  • Get out your Christmas lights and decorate the room with the pretty lights. 
  • You could even ask a willing friend to dress up as Santa!
  • Ask guests on the party invitations to dress up in Christmas sweaters, it will make for great photos. 

Give one or all of these ideas a go! Paired with Christmas themed entertainment, games and Pinjarra Bakery catering – you’re guaranteed to put on the best Christmas party of the year. 

Contact our catering team for more information on our finger food menu.

Christmas catering