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Attention all party planners… We’ve got just what you need to make your birthday bash a memorable one – delicious finger food catering from Pinjarra Bakery of course!

If you’re an expert in party planning or this is your first time with the job, you’ll probably already know the great importance finger food catering holds on your special birthday milestone. 

Hungry guests will drag down the mood, ambiance and overall enjoyment of the party. Keep spirits high with food that is going to satisfy and delight your guests and get them moving on the dance floor! Whether it’s for a sweet 16th, a poppin’ 30th or you’re hitting 100  – Pinjarra Bakery delivers exceptional finger food catering for all crowds and dietary requirements. Read further to discover.

sweet 16

Sweet 16

16 is one of the first of many birthday milestones to hit… so it makes sense to celebrate with a bang! Be warned though… 16 year olds eat A LOT. If you’re anticipating a group of teenagers to attend the birthday, it’s important to keep in mind that at this age, they’re often still growing and therefore, eating heaps. If you’re a parent yourself, you’ll understand what we’re talking about!

In addition to eating more than average, you’ll also want to consider the dietary requirements of the guests. Alternative diets are becoming more and more popular, with young people choosing to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Ensure to have a range of diet-friendly finger foods that are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free (as well as plenty of meat choices).

21st Birthday Catering

21st birthdays are always a memorable event. Speeches, balloons, close friends, family and photos! Everyone remembers their 21st birthday party.

When choosing finger foods for a 21st birthday it can be tricky finding finger foods that cater to all guests. You’ll need those classic and reliable dishes for the grandparents, lots of meat options for the bottomless-pit-stomach teenagers as well as kid friendly finger foods. It’s a diverse crowd that will require a wide selection of food options.

Our secret to catering to a mixed crowd is our trusty Classic Savouries Mix – a life saver for when you need to supply a hungry crowd of guests! There’s plenty of meat options with mini beef mince pies, beef potato pies, sausage rolls, bacon and cheese rolls as well as vegetarian options such as spinach and ricotta rolls and mini feta and zucchini quiches. Keep the kids and the grandparents happy and full with our diverse catering menu.

Thirty, flirty and thriving

So you’ve hit 30? Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds! In fact, you’ll feel better once you’ve planned your party’s finger food catering menu with Pinjarra Bakery! Have some fun on your 30th by getting catering food that is flavour-packed and guaranteed to satisfy.

WA baked sausage rolls, premium beef mince pies, fresh and tasty tortilla wraps and followed up with our classic dessert bites range. Washed down with a bottle of beer or a glass of Chardy – you’ll be glad you’re turning 30 with a party like this!

60 is the new 40!

If you ask us, 60 is definitely the new 40! We know more 60 year olds with a spice for life than 40 year olds…so it’s only fair that you throw a big bash for the nomadic party animals. 

To make the event one for the ages, we recommend choosing from our range of finger food delicacies. Our finger food is not only delicious but it also allows you to have a drink in one hand and a snack in the other! Perfect for birthdays when you’re heading back and forth from the dance floor.

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