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Looking to write off a few extra staff amenities before you close up your books? What better way than with an end of financial year party! 

Get your colleagues together, chuck on those party hats and place an order for your EOFY catering with Pinjarra Bakery – make this EOFY one to remember. Great for team bonding, celebrating the previous successful year and making plans for the prosperous 12 months ahead. 

You work hard, it’s only fair you party hard too.

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End of financial year party planning

You and your team have worked hard this year, it’s time to celebrate!

There are many benefits to hosting a work party. Not only does it excite the workplace, but it’s also a great way to acknowledge the big and small achievements of the past year.

Studies have shown that being encouraged and recognised plays an important role in staff motivation.

In fact, being positively recognised makes up 14% of employee motivation! In addition, feeling a sense of camaraderie in the workplace makes up another 20% of employee motivation.

Alongside feeling like you’re making a real impact and an intrinsic desire to do a good job – employee motivation plays a crucial role in the success of an organisation.

Now if these aren’t reasons to host a EOFY party – we don’t know what is!

EOFY party activities

Whether you’re organsing an EOFY party for an office, for a group of teachers or for your retail team, arrange a few EOFY activities to get the party started. 

Keep it simple with board games or, take it up a notch with a pool table tournament or even host your party off site at a bowling alley or with paint balling! Try and incorporate a team activity so employees can work together and bond. 

For your end of financial year party, brainstorm ideas on ways you can appreciate each employee’s contribution to the workplace. From HQ, through the office, to the admin staff – each worker deserves the encouragement. 

*If you’re the team member organising the event (admin staff – we see and appreciate you!) then forward this blog onto your boss so they can get their thinking cap on too!

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EOFY catering, made easy!

Host an EOFY event for the ages by making sure you’ve got the best food for everyone to gobble down! 

If you’re stuck with the job of choosing your end of financial year party’s catering, you’ll soon discover there’s quite a few variables to consider. Gluten free? Vegetarian? Vegan? Carnivores? It can easily become a big job. 

BUT it doesn’t need to be!

Here at Pinjarra Bakery we’re veterans when it comes to catering. We’ve cooked up delicious catering orders for any- and every- kind of event/function/gathering you could think possible. Safe to say, we know how to satisfy a group of people. 

Talk with the Pinjarra Bakery catering team about your EOFY function so you can sit back and relax, knowing that all you need to do at the party is to have fun!