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Brrr! Winter is here, which means our winter warmer catering is in full force. Move over chilled salads and refreshing fruit platters, our winter catering options are taking the spotlight!

According to studies, people tend to eat more when the weather is chilly. This is due to a few reasons such as the body working harder to keep warm, more time spent indoors and lastly (and most importantly) because winter foods are simply so delicious! 

From smooth and creamy pumpkin soup, premium hot beef pies and warm and filling sausage rolls – hot food tastes even better enjoyed in the cooler months. 

When you’re hosting your next winter event or gathering, spoil your guests with the best spread of wholesome and hearty dishes. Read further to discover the best winter catering menu!

soup image for winter catering ideas blog article

Soup station

There’s nothing quite like a fresh, warm bowl of your favorite soup to warm up your hands and your belly in these cooler months. If you’re in charge of organising your winter event, organising a soup station is a must. 


There are so many different and delicious flavours of soup to choose! Classic pumpkin, Minestrone, Chicken and Pea and Ham – ensure to have at least 1 vegetarian option and 1 classic meat soup so all dietary requirements are catered for. 

Depending on the size of your event, we recommend having a soup station of about 3-5 soups.  Serve the soups in a big soup warmer with a ladle, allowing guests to help themselves to a bowl… or two! 

The great thing about soup is that it can be served as an entree and/or main meal. Consider what other dishes you’ll be serving up at your winter event and pair your soup with your other dishes. With our hearty beef meat pies, we recommend a mushroom soup, creamy cauliflower or a French onion soup (just make sure you supply breath mints). 

Fresh rolls

Although not warm, a fresh roll is the perfect companion to a big bowl of soup. Especially when the fresh bread roll is filled with delicious salad and cold meats – your guests will feel incredibly satisfied and happy with your winter catering spread. 

We recommend organising a selection of fresh gourmet baguettes with different fillings. Choose between ham, salami, turkey, chicken and/or a vegetarian option. Cut into finger food friendly slices, our gourmet baguettes on the Pinjarra Bakery catering menu is guaranteed to impress your guests. 

Serve the gourmet baguettes beside the soup station so guests can serve up their soup and grab a fresh roll to enjoy alongside the bowl.

pinjarra bakery baguettes
pinjarra bakery catering pies and sausage rolls

Hot pies and sausage rolls

Beef pies and sausage rolls, you will forever have a place on the catering table! 

Rain, hail or shine – you can’t go past meat pies and sausage rolls. Our party pies, party sausage rolls and potato party pies have been especially designed for all catering needs. Bite sized, they’re perfect finger foods to pick up and eat over a napkin. 

Get a delicious spread of all of the best things in our classic savouries mix! Including beef mince pies, beef potato pies, sausage rolls, bacon & cheese rolls, spinach & ricotta rolls, mini quiche Lorraine and mini fetta & zucchini quiche – every guest will be catered for in this delicious party mix.

Warm apple pie

There’s no dessert that says “winter” more than a warm apple pie. Served up with a scoop of ice cream and custard, you’ll send all of your guests straight to flavour heaven. 

If you’re organising a winter dessert for your catering, you really can’t get any better than apple pie. You can find our bite-sized apple pie delights in our dessert Sweet Tooth Bite Sized Delights mix. Served with other classics such as chocolate brownie and vanilla slice – our dessert mix aims to satisfy all guests. 

Although we don’t usually offer our big apple pies in our catering menu, we do offer big family apple pies for pre-order. If you’re looking to really impress your guests, you’ll want to consider ordering our big family apple pies! Talk with our team to place your order.

Pinjarra Bakery Family Apple Pie

Winter catering, done right!

Hot tip (or, should we say cold tip?): we recommend always adding extras to the table to make sure your guests’ bellies stay nice and full. With the colder weather, guests will have bigger appetites! And the last thing you want at your winter event is to run out of food. 

Contact our team to organise winter catering for your next event.