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At Pinjarra Bakery, we enjoy crafting pies to enhance every occasion. 

From our bakehouse to your home- our pies are all about sharing moments that will delight- with a focus on bringing people together. 

Recognising the value in sharing a piece of the pie, we’re excited to expand our offering to franchise opportunities and invite you to join our dynamic team. 

What does it mean to become a Pinjarra Bakery franchisee?

Joining the Pinjarra Bakery franchise family means more than just stepping into a community of entrepreneurs; it is about joining a family of genuine pie enthusiasts. At Pinjarra Bakery, every pie is a work of heart, stemming from our rich Italian roots. Joining our team is joining a family whose first commandment is to spread joy through delicious and unique pies. 

As true-blue entrepreneurs, we’re serious about our business, especially about the quality of our products and services. We listen closely to our team members and customers and always seek ways to improve our offerings. At Pinjarra Bakery, everyone’s part of the team.

So, when you hop on board as a franchisee, we won’t just throw you to the sharks! You’ll be hands-on managing your own shop, but we’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you set up shop and learn how to fly solo under our banner.

Pies, all day, every day: benefits of becoming a franchisee.

Becoming a franchisee with Pinjarra Bakery means you can wave goodbye to your boss and take the reins. You’ll be stepping into a role where you leverage our acclaimed brand name and proven business model, benefiting from our award-winning status and robust support systems. From day one, we’ll provide comprehensive training and resources in areas like HR to ensure you’re well-equipped to manage your business confidently and effectively.

And there’s more—you’ll get to taste-test our legendary pies! Because you can’t sell the sizzle without understanding how seriously great it tastes, right?

Joining the Pinjarra Bakery Family: how to become a franchisee.

At Pinjarra Bakery, you don’t need a DNA test to join our family; you just have to have a hearty appetite for pies! Sounds like you? Then let’s get it started:

  • Tell us you’re interested: Complete the Expression of Interest form to let us know you’re ready to kickstart your Pinjarra Bakery journey. You will then receive the essential information package. 
  • Keen as: Let’s set up a meeting! We’ll give you a sneak peek of our Franchise Agreement and forecast your potential earnings with our Pinjarra Bakery Forecast machine—less time travel means more profit prediction!
  • Formalities begin: This is where it starts to get real. We’ll engage with the professionals (lawyers) who will prepare the official Franchisee Agreement while we perform due diligence, on both sides.
  • Lock It in: Final meetings to iron out any creases and officially finalise the Franchisee Agreement.
  • Induction and Setup: We’ll show you the ropes and help you get your store up and running and looking the goods.
  • Team Building: It’s time to recruit your pie-loving crew. From front-of-house superstars to sales legends- find the gems you need to ensure the success of your store.
  • Grand Opening: We’ll back a big marketing push to excite your grand opening as you lift your store curtain and get things started!

Are you craving a bite?

Are you keen to start your gig as a member of the Pinjarra Bakery crew? Swing by our Franchisee page to scope the opportunities and complete an Expression of Interest form. 

We’ll get back to you shortly to fire up this exciting journey!