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Is the cooler weather making you ravenous? If you’re staying in more, now is the perfect time to get inventive in the kitchen for when family and friends come around.

While it always seems easy to whip up something fresh during summer, wintertime does demand more for the tastebuds in the form of comfort. But small eats and finger foods don’t have to be time consuming and fiddly. Take a look at some of these winter classics reinvented – enough of a reason itself to throw a party at home this season. 

Cob loaf dip – not as you know it

We’ve all tucked into a spinach cob loaf dip at a friend’s place before, but if you’re looking to spice things up, give the classic cob loaf a Mexican makeover with this Chilli con queso cob dip recipe. It’s guaranteed to be an instant hit!

Zucchini slice of a different kind

A great go-to as a savoury snack or meal, zucchini slice is always a popular choice any time of the year because it’s so nutritious, tasty and easy to make. If you want to take your zucchini slice to the next level, try this version of a zucchini slice – baguette style. Perfect for serving a crowd! 

The not so classic sausage roll

You can’t go past meat pies and sausage rolls during a footy game, so the next time you’re having people over for bouncedown, why not go one better with a chicken and chorizo flavour explosion in your sausage rolls. You can find the recipe here.

Looks like popcorn chicken – but is it?

If you have vegetarian or vegan friends, this recipe will certainly please their tastebuds, and perhaps trick a few others into thinking this bite sized goodness is chicken. It’s cauliflower popcorn! Pair it up with some BBQ sauce and you’re done in no time at all.

Tomato soup – same same, but different

We all know the best way to warm up during winter is with a nice bowl of hot soup. But how do you serve up soup if you’re entertaining? In a shot glass of course! Get the party and appetites started with this tomato soup and grilled cheese recipe. Unlike this recipe, we prefer to make our tomato soup from scratch, but the grilled cheese bites are definitely a nice touch – and the presentation is sure to have everyone talking.

Next level chocolate chip cookies

We don’t know many people who would turn down a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, especially if it’s oozing with chocolate ganache. These ganache-stuffed chocolate chip cookies will have the little kids – and the big kids fighting it out over the last lip-smacking crumb.

Finger food catering Perth – place an order for your next party

Need a little extra hand in the kitchen? Pinjarra Bakery’s crowd pleasing finger food catering options have got you covered. If you’re hosting, make sure to give our Perth catering team at least 24 hours’ notice when placing an order, so we can get everything ready in time.