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Since we can’t make it over east this year for the Melbourne Cup, why not celebrate in style right here in Perth? Reward your clients, friends or staff with a function celebrating the big day, filled with fashion, food and fun. Regardless of whether your event is large or small, our guide below can help you pull off the best function ever!

Choose a Venue

Take your Melbourne Cup event to the next level by choosing a venue other than your office or house. Not only does booking an external venue impress your guests, but also means you don’t have to worry about providing the drinks, setting up the room or cleaning up after everyone! Take advantage of the warmer weather and look for a space with an outdoor area to soak up the sun and have a chat with friends or colleagues. Additionally, double check that your venue has access to a TV, so you can watch the races while you party. 

Some of our favourite spots are local pubs where you can book a table, bars that have exclusive rooms or restaurants and breweries with outdoor areas. Having an open and spacious place to host makes the event unique and fun plus, your guests will feel more inclined to dress up and wear their best fascinators! If you’re looking to book, we recommend getting in early as we’ve found spots always book up fast when Melbourne Cup comes around.

Dress Code

Although the Melbourne Cup is all about horse racing, it’s almost just as famous for the extravagant outfits people wear on the day. From bright colours to big hats, the Melbourne Cup is always marked on Australia’s fashion calendar. So, why not get everyone involved and excited by offering prizes for best dressed? Just remember that not everyone will want to frock up, so keep the dress code optional to avoid excluding anyone. 

With all of the glitz and glammer, you simply must book a photographer too! People put in a lot of effort to dress up, you want to make them feel special by booking a professional to snap their pic. Photographers can be expensive so we recommend booking the photographer for the first hour of your event. At the beginning of your event, people will look their best too! As the races begin and the drinks are refilled, things might look a little different!


With most Melbourne Cup parties starting around midday, there’s a bit of time to kill before the race starts at 3pm. Keep your guests entertained before the big event by planning some activities that get the conversation flowing like pin the tail on the horse, some trivia questions and even prizes for fashion. Consider renting a photobooth, photographer or even just a fun backdrop for some memorable pictures! You could even take your event up a notch with a face-in-a-hole photo cut out of a Melbourne Cup theme e.g. a hole on the jockey’s face or even on the horses’ as well for a bit of fun! When you look back on the photos, they’ll always prompt a chuckle.

Additionally, don’t forget to test your TV reception and sound beforehand, or even better, consider renting a large projector so everyone can see the race. Nothing worse than experiencing tech issues for an event based solely on being able to watch the TV. Always troubleshoot to prevent any hiccups on the day.


Everyone can agree that the Melbourne Cup is more fun when you have a stake in the game (or a horse to scream for)! Sweepstakes are a big part of race day culture, so make sure to think ahead about some potential options. Generate a bit of excitement and build anticipation by having a few going around at the start of the event. Sweepstakes are a great conversation starter, as your guests can chat about who they’re betting on! 

If you would rather not promote gambling with real money, consider using fake money and a grand prize for the winner. Or, use lollies, chocolates, mini liquor bottles or a combination of different goodies that will entice players.


Take the stress out of planning your event with a catering service – instead of running around in the kitchen, you can focus on entertaining your guests and watching the big race! Most caterers like Pinjarra Bakery have a variety of options to suit your budget, needs and dietary requirements. 

We’ve been offering our Melbourne catering for over 25 years now! We certainly know how to impress guests and keep them satisfied and full. Catering is especially important when alcohol is involved. You don’t want your guests getting red cheeked before the races even begin! Contact our catering team to ensure your guests have the best finger food to enjoy.

Our Top Tips

  1. Organise the food to arrive just before the racing starts to avoid any interruptions.
  2. Ensure there’s enough food for everyone: catering is something many guests look forward to at an event, so food should be available at any time. Have a chat to our team if you’re unsure the appropriate amount to order.
  3. Choose light and fresh catering options to complement a lunchtime event that still allow guests to fill up on (and soak up the champagne). We’ve often found that when guests are drinking, they enjoy combatting the alcohol with healthy food. Our fresh baguettes, yummy sandwiches and fruit platters always go down a treat!
  4. Opt for finger foods like sandwiches, sausage rolls or fruit platters – small, bite sized treats mean less mess and easy portion sizes.

Looking For Melbourne Cup Catering?

Leave the catering to Pinjarra Bakery this Melbourne Cup day! You can place your order online or just give us a call to discuss your requirements – we can supply your finger food hot or cold, served on platters or takeaway boxes. Check out our finger food catering menu or contact us to learn more.