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As the end of financial year (EOFY) approaches, it’s time to celebrate achievements and reward hard work with a memorable party for your colleagues, bosses and you! One crucial aspect of party planning is selecting the right food options. Pinjarra Bakery, renowned for its mouthwatering party pies, sausage rolls, and delectable bite-sized desserts, offers a delectable catering menu that is guaranteed to get your guests in the mood for a party. 

The EOFY party is the perfect opportunity for your coworkers to let their hair down and take a breather mid-year. With the added incentive of deducting the party expenses on tax, you would be crazy to not take up this opportunity for a good time. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some valuable tips to help you plan an unforgettable end-of-financial-year party while incorporating Pinjarra Bakery’s scrumptious delights! The secret to a successful party begins with the food, and lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Understand your audience

Before diving into party preparations, it’s important to know your audience’s preferences. Are they fans of classic comfort food or do they prefer gourmet options? Pinjarra Bakery caters to both tastes with our delicious range of party pies and sausage rolls. From traditional beef and chicken to vegetarian and vegan options, our pies and sausage rolls cater to diverse dietary needs and will surely satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

If you’re computer savvy, organise a Google Form with a short quiz asking your workplace what their food preferences are. Send it out via email so that your colleagues get a fun surprise when they open up their inbox. If your workplace is in an office, this is a fun way to collect info from the team without distracting them from their work (too much)!

Pinjarra Bakery bakers in the kitchen

Plan your menu

Once you have an idea of your guests’ preferences, work with Pinjarra Bakery to create a menu that reflects your company’s culture and suits the occasion. Choose from a variety of mouthwatering pastries and fresh rolls, including classic beef party pies, spinach and ricotta rolls, and freshly made baguettes and sandwiches. To get a little bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Savouries Mix – which includes beef mince pies, beef potato pies, sausage rolls, bacon and cheese rolls, spinach and ricotta rolls, quince lorraine and feta & zucchini quiche, all baked mini so that you can hold a pie in one hand and a drink in another.

Don’t forget the sweet treats

No party is complete without delectable desserts, and our team at Pinjarra Bakery have you covered in this department as well! Our Sweet Tooth Bite Sized Delights are conveniently bite-sized desserts that are ideal for catering, allowing guests to indulge in a variety of sweet treats without feeling too-full to bustamove on the dance floor. Consider offering a fresh fruit platter on the side to add a refreshing healthy option to compliment the rich desserts. 

Serve your dessert alongside tea and coffee to complete your event to perfection. There’s nothing like finishing off an evening with a sweet treat and a fresh cuppa!

Chocolate brownie mix

Consider dietary restrictions

It’s important to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. With our diverse finger food catering menu, you can effortlessly cater to a range of dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. This ensures that everyone can enjoy the delicious spread without any concerns or limitations. 

If you have a few dietary restrictions, reach out to our events team for assistance. We’ll do our best to cater to your group’s preferences!

Quantity and ordering

Estimating the quantity of the food required can be challenging. Communicate the expected number of guests to Pinjarra Bakery so that our team can assist you in determining the appropriate quantities. We’ve hosted many (many) parties so you can trust that we have the experience to ensure that you have enough food to satisfy your guests without wastage. 

When choosing your food quantities, make sure that you consider the activities you’re organising for the day. If your EOFY party involves active games before or during the event, consider purchasing more catering to anticipate for the hungry stomachs. You’ll want to make sure that your guests are well fed to keep their energy and spirits high!

Party Pies
Meat pie with a drizzle of tomato sauce

Presentation matters

While the taste of the food is paramount, don’t overlook the importance of presentation. Pinjarra Bakery’s party pies, sausage rolls, and bite-sized desserts are not only delicious but also visually appealing. It’s certainly hard to look past that golden pastry, perfectly flaky crusts, and enticing filling. When you choose Pinjarra Bakery, you’re guaranteed to add a touch of scrumptious elegance to your party.

When you organise the impressive spread on the table, ensure to include ramekins filled with tomato sauce or bottles for your guests to dollop onto their plates. Don’t forget the napkins… party pies can get messy!

Best party catering in Perth

EOFY is one of the most exciting times of the year… maybe after Christmas. These parties offer a chance for employees to unwind, socialise, and build stronger connections with their colleagues. These EOFY parties provide an opportunity to recognise the achievements by the team so far and sprinkle some motivation to make the second half of the year even more impactful! There’s nothing like a party pie to boost morale and a sausage roll to get those ideas flowing. 

To host a memorable EOFY party all you need to do is contact our events team for all of your catering needs! Organising a party is a big responsibility, however it can be made easy and stress-free if you get the right people involved. With our experienced and dedicated team, you can trust that your party is in professional hands.

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