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So you have a big event coming up and you need to cater for a big group of people? We’ve got you covered. 

Supplying catering to a long guest list can be a daunting task. However, when you find reliable and experienced caterers, the process is easy as… pie! 😉 

Here at Pinjarra Bakery we have over 25 years of experience baking up pies, sausage rolls, cakes and treats  — when you order catering with our team, rest assured you’re in capable hands!

How To Impress A Big Group

Catering plays a big role in the success of your event. Whether it’s a work-do, a birthday bash or an engagement party — the food served is a highlight of every and any function.

If you can recall the last event you attended, without a doubt the food served is fresh in your memory. The pressure is ON.

As the party host, if the catering you provide is delicious and filling, guests will recall your event fondly. If the catering is disappointing and unsatisfying, this will negatively impact your guest’s experience. 

Don’t make the mistake of choosing cheap or poor quality food for your party. Leave a lasting impression on your guests with delicious foods from our Pinjarra Bakery menu!

Savoury Finger Foods For Everyone!

Pies, sausage rolls, quiches… do we have your attention? 

Although you’re hosting a big event, you want to choose small foods. Finger food guests can easily pick up with a napkin and pop in their mouth is always a crowd pleaser. As guests walk around, chat and even have a boogie—they can easily pinch a party pie and gobble down. Convenient, tasty and moreish. Can’t beat that. 

There’s something about savoury pastries that always satisfies and delights guests. If you’re on the hunt for an array of scrumptious savoury finger foods, look no further. Our Classic Savouries Mix is a delectable selection of the tastiest savoury finger foods you could dream of. 

Meaty sausage rolls wrapped in flakey pastry, our iconic potato beef pies, spinach and ricotta rolls for the vegos and flavour packed quiches for those after a lighter option… everyone will have something yummy to eat as they enjoy your party activities!

Explore more yummy savoury snacks on our website! From gourmet baguettes to classic sandwiches, browse the wide range of savoury foods available.

Sweet Bite-Sized Catering

Once you’ve polished off the savoury goods, now it’s time for dessert! 

No matter the event, as soon as the savoury foods are cleared, people will begin popping their heads up in search for the dessert spread. When it comes to sweets, it can be a tricky balance to find mouth-watering options that don’t leave your guest list feeling sluggish and ready for a nap. 

What you want is a sweet delicious bite that’s going to put a pep in your step and move your  guests over to the dance floor. And that’s exactly what our sweet-tooth bite sized delights achieves. 

Vanilla slice, apple pie, rocky road, lemon meringue, cheesecake… and more! All of our desserts are baked fresh and cut up into small bite sized pieces specifically for catering purposes. 

It’s always a wise decision to order a side platter of fruit for those who overdid it on the savoury spread.

Give Your Catering The X-Factor!

If you’re really wanting to impress your guests, spruce up the aesthetics of your catering! 

Present your pies and sausage rolls on catering display towers, creating a delicious pyramid of savoury delicacies. Offer condiment dishes on the side filled with tomato sauce, bbq sauce and HP sauce. Alternative, off the bottles of condiments for guests to help themselves too. Serve any bread in baskets with the butter on the side. 

For the desserts, you can also serve the scrumptious desserts on a tiered cake stand or on big dessert serving plates. If you really feel like spoiling your guests, offer cream, custard and ice cream for guests to help themselves too… they’ll need the extra calories for dancing!