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There’s something about sinking your spoon into a warm apple pie in winter. We love the classic flavours and aromas – it’s pretty hard to beat.

But, if you know us, we also love to get inventive and push the profiles of our award winning pies. While we can’t share our pie making secrets, here’s some ways you can switch up your baking game this season. Try these 6 delicious apple pie inspired recipes to get your winter taste buds in a spin. 

Apple pie pizza

Anyone say dessert pizza? If you like to make your own pizzas, then this one’s a winner. Think sticky, delicious caramelised apple filling that simply oozes out with every bite. Top it off with a sugar crumble and icing sugar glaze – and that’s your movie night sorted!

Apple pie biscuits

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked biccies in the house? If you’re looking for a new recipe to try, these apple pie cookies are worth adding to your baking rotation. One whiff of the oven, and you’ll have everyone hooked! 

These gooey bite sized creations are so easy to make, it’s one the kids could get their hands dirty with.

warm apple pie by pinjarra bakery
barrel of apples

Apple pie cupcakes

If you’re a fan of the Netflix show Sugar Rush, then you’re no stranger to how inventive you can be with cupcakes. And this apple pie combo has it all. 

It’s a given, most kids only care about the frosting, but the secret to nailing this cupcake is the sneaky layer of salted caramel sauce underneath it. Genius!

Apple pie tacos

At the sound of tacos you could be mistaken to think this is a savoury dish, except this is anything but. Making a classic apple pie from scratch takes time, but if you’re after a quick and easy alternative, then give this apple pie taco recipe a go. All the classic flavours are still there – in taco form. Who knows, you might even think it tastes better than the original! 

Apple pie on the rocks

Want to take apple pie to another level? End your busy working week with this apple pie inspired cocktail. While there’s a little bit of prep involved, we’re sure your taste buds will thank you for it.

Apple pie smoothie 

You’ve got your drinks sorted, now what about the kids? If they love smoothies, this apple pie smoothie will be right up their alley. And the bonus – it’s low in calories. A great after school snack, this smoothie will see them through until dinnertime. Blend away! 

Have a go at some – or all of these recipes and feel free to share your creations with us on social.

If you prefer to stick with the classics, make sure you try our very own homestyle apple pie next time you visit Pinjarra Bakery. See how it compares, then give us a score out of 10.

Happy baking 

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