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“What can I bring?” That’s what most of us ask when we’ve been invited over to someone’s house for a gathering. And with virtual parties all but over for now, it would be impolite to rock up empty handed without any finger food to share, agree?

So, to help out the host, here are the 5 top picks from our Perth catering team on what finger foods to bring when you’re asked (or not asked) to bring a plate.

Spinach Cob Loaf Dip

Six ingredients and 15 minutes prep is all you need to whip up this fan fave of a starter. Serve it hot or cold, it works just as good either way, which is great if you want to make the cob loaf filling ahead of time, or bring it along to a picnic outing. Got a Thermomix? Be sure to check out the Thermomix recipe. 

Warning: Slow down on the double dipping, as this finger food can get addictive.

Homemade Sausage Rolls

Who doesn’t love a sausage roll, especially one made from scratch. Go for the classic or pimp it out and get creative with knockout flavours like pork and chorizo with chilli jam, spiced kangaroo mince sausage rolls, or pork, fennel and apple sausage rolls. Mmm mmm mmm!

Or save yourself the time and pre-order your sausage rolls, pastries plus other crowd pleasing finger food catering options straight from Pinjarra Bakery.

Mac & Cheese Bites

Everyone’s favourite pasta pairing, now in finger food form for your party pleasure! Insanely tasty, these mini baked mac and cheese bites are guaranteed to be a hit with the kids, and anyone who likes a bit of crispy action on the top and gooey cheesy goodness on the inside. Serve them warm or at room temp. Something tells me these won’t hang around on the platter for long.

Thai Noodle Salad

If you’re planning on bringing a side dish, then slice and dice your way with this fresh and easy Thai noodle salad that really packs a punch at any BBQ gathering. Make it even easier for your host by serving them up in small takeaway noodle boxes!

Dark Chocolate Hummus

Not something you would expect, but surprisingly moreish you’ll thank us when you try it – as will everyone else. We pinky promise! Instead of using vegetables like you would with regular hummus, treat this dark chocolate hummus as more of a dessert finger food. Naturally sweet, serve it up to dip with strawberries, apple slices or even pretzels are a good flavour combination. Best thing, this recipe is suitable for vegetarians or vegans and it’s gluten-free and dairy free.

Finger Food Catering In Perth 

Pressed for time? You can always place a finger food catering order with us! Just make sure you give our Perth catering team 24 hours’ notice, so we can get everything ready for you in time.