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We all love a good celebration. And spring puts on some of the best weather for it. From picnics in the park to backyard barbies, here are our top 5 catering tips to get you entertaining in Perth this spring.

Celebrate what’s in season

Move away warm comfort foods, spring is here which means a whole new season of flavours to experiment with. When planning your menu, choose produce that’s in season and go for light and fresh catering options. Spring is all about berries, avocados and salad greens and, it’s when tropical fruit starts to hit the shelves.

If you’re taking on the food prep yourself, think about what you can make ahead of time. Keep things simple so that time doesn’t run away from you. Grazing tables are always a crowd pleaser. They’re a great set and forget option and make it easy to cater for different tastes. Your guests can help themselves as much – or as little as they like. And they make for a great Instagram pic too!

Too hard basket? Get in touch with a Perth caterer to get all your finger food catering sorted.

Celebrate a change of scenery

Springtime is all about entertaining outdoors. Make the most of the sunny days ahead, just make sure you keep an eye out on the weather forecast as the odd rainy day can still creep up on you this time of the year. Have a ‘plan b’ in place should the weather not work in your favour.

Celebrate with cool refreshments

You’ve checked the finger food catering off your list, location is sorted, the next big thing to organise are your refreshments. Keep everyone hydrated with a few options. Fruit infused water is great to quench the thirst this time of the year. If you’re planning to experiment with cocktails, choose ingredients that leave a little zing in your mouth. Mint always adds freshness to a drink and has spring written all over it! 

Celebrate your creativeness

Have some fun with your food display. As we mentioned, grazing tables are visually appealing and make it easy for everyone to help themselves. If you’re going with a theme, try to incorporate it within your menu and the decorations of course. 

Use disposable kitchenware to avoid the post party clean up. Go with eco-friendly options like bamboo or recycled materials, so you’re not left with a mountain of plastic waste.

Local produce worth celebrating

One way of having a stress free picnic or garden party is not to get bogged down with preparing everything from scratch. Take a few shortcuts so you can enjoy yourself on the day too and support the local producers in your area. 

Whether it’s sourcing treats or putting in a catering order from your local bakery – like Pinjarra Bakery, hitting up a growers market for the freshest fruit and veg, stopping by your corner delicatessen for all your cold meats and nibbles – there are so many delicious locally produced options out there to make your occasion a scrumptious success.

Perth’s best finger food catering

Get organised and order your finger food ahead of time with Pinjarra Bakery. Our catering menu is great for outdoor entertaining this time of the year, so get in touch with us today.