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  • Mini Quiche

    Levelling up our platter game with tasty, quichy morsels that will both delight, and satisfy.
  • Party Mix

    Get the party started with 50/50 combo of PB’s signature party pies and sausage rolls.
  • Party Pies

    Delicious, dependable, fuss-free finger food. It’s the Aussie way.
  • Party Sausage Rolls

    Is it even a party without snazzy sausage rolls?! You’ll never go wrong with these, just give the kids what they want!
  • Potato Party Pies

    A creamy mash twist on the OG party pie? Hell yeah! The definition of magic found in the little things. 
  • Gourmet Baguettes

    Keep it fresh and fabulous with a hearty selection of our most popular, crusty baguettes!