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Ready to spearhead a career trajectory; or just craving the independence and flexibility of being your own boss?

Join the PB family and start living the pie life, today!


Your own Pinjarra Bakery? HELL YEAH.

Pinjarra Bakery are seeking a new wave of enthusiastic, passionate, highly motivated, pie-loving entrepreneurs to join one of WA’s much loved brands. An opportunity to connect with like minded individuals who have the courage to step out of their comfort zone to be part of something bigger than themselves. For the love of a bloody good pie, get amongst it.


The Pantaleo family has spent the better part of 25 years focused on building a brand- not a business. Determined to firmly establish themselves as industry leaders with an unwavering vision:

“To be the go-to destination for pie lovers far and wide- while staying true to their core values of quality, proficiency, reliability and joyfulness in the products and experiences they deliver”

Nurturing those warm, nostalgic feelings of food, fun, family and bringing people together, combined with a top class customer experience- PB’s iconic baked goods are the cornerstone, poised to leave a lasting impression long after the last bite. Just ask their legendary customers!

5 Star Reviews


Apart from the obvious (never ending supply of pies, coffee & donuts…) under the franchise agreement, Pinjarra Bakery will grant you the right to use their name, award winning goodness and standout services under their existing business model and trademark. Becoming a franchise partner is far more than just running a business; it’s a balancing act of strong leadership, unwavering commitment, tenacity, flexibility, transparency, empathy and a hunger for success. It will also be one of the GREATEST experiences you will ever have in your life.

And whilst starting any business from scratch comes with many unknowns, the masterminds behind Pinjarra Bakery will be there to keep your pies on the road and hands upon the wheel, every step of the way. Take a closer look at how you can get your hands on a slice of the pie- we know you’ll be impressed.



We are excited to share our expertise and embrace a steady expansion of our brand with passionate candidates (future business owners!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be selected to own a PB store?

Our franchising team is a fussy bunch. Leaving no pastry unturned to discover quality, our franchise partners are integral to the continued success of our brand. They’re on the hunt for passionate, hardworking, committed, and like-minded individuals who are genuinely ready to take on this challenging yet rewarding journey with the PB family!

How long does the franchise selection process take?

Once your initial enquiry has been submitted we anticipate it will take around 3-4 months. However, this is subject to change depending on the individual application requirements and volume of applicants.

Do I need hospitality experience?

Although prior hospitality experience is a strong advantage, it’s not essential. We have a wonderful franchisee program that will help facilitate your training and allow you to learn “on the job” from the ground up. Just bring with you the drive and determination to learn and thrive. 

What locations are the Pinjarra Bakery stores?

Pinjarra Bakery outlets are located across WA, from our flagship store in Pinjarra to Waroona, Maddington, and Port Kennedy. Please enquire with us to find out which existing stores are available. If you have a location preference, let us know the details, and we can discuss it further!

Can I source products from my own suppliers?

All products must meet the PB quality standards, and as such, are supplied from our own central bakehouse and other preferred supplies. No rebates or commissions are paid to the franchisor. 

What measures do PB take for quality assurance?

Quality assurance reviews are conducted in every PB store to maintain standards and consistency across all aspects of the business. From supply chains to bakehouse production, distribution and front of house – all stakeholders must adhere to our strict compliance policies.

How does Pinjarra Bakery differentiate their products & service from competitors?

There is only one Pinjarra Bakery.  

That in itself firmly differentiates our popular range of award winners that work tirelessly alongside a stellar customer experience and bespoke loyalty program. 

We’re also a ridiculously handsome bunch…that’s gotta count for something, right?

How does PB support environmental issues?

Environmentally conscious processes and procedures are upheld throughout every step of production. From minimizing waste, to the store itself where we encourage recycling and reusables – adopting more ‘eco awareness’ for our community is an important step in our evolution.

What ongoing support/training will I receive from Pinjarra Bakery?

Whilst you are in business for yourself, you are never on your own. 

Our amazing franchise team will help you every step of the way- with training, resources and ongoing support. Our initial training is extensive and will run for 3 or more weeks. On an ongoing basis we will be there for you should you have any need for support and additional training.

Do I need to work in the business full-time or can I run my franchise under management?

From our many years of experience, we can attest that the most successful businesses are always the ones that are owner-operated.

Can I own more than one store?

Our business model requires full time owner/operators at the helm. We do not encourage juggling more than one store.

Can I sell my Pinjarra Bakery store?

You certainly can, in fact – we’ll help! We can assist and guide you throughout the takeover period to ensure the smoothest new ownership transition.

Do I need external and independent advice before I commit?

Absolutely! Before becoming a proud owner of your very own Pinjarra Bakery store, it is a requirement that you seek advice from business authorities. It’s vital you hold confidence in all aspects of ownership so you have all the tools you need to make an informed decision.

When will I be in business?

Once your application has been approved, the store/site has been established and you’ve signed the lease – it will take a minimum 3 months for the store to be fully equipped.

What is the investment?

At the appropriate time you will be furnished with a detailed breakdown of all costs in our ‘formal’ Disclosure Document. For now, we can tell you that the total sum for investment in opening your own Pinjarra Bakery store would be in the ballpark of $400- $500,000, depending on location.

What ongoing costs are there?

Once you’re officially the owner of a Pinjarra Bakery store, your responsibility is to cover the day-to-day expenses. This includes but is not limited to: stock, utilities, staff wages, legal fees, software subscriptions, and accounting fees. 

What are the monthly fees for franchisees?

Franchise support fee 6% of gross sales
Marketing fee: 5.75% of gross sales + 1% local marketing. Rest assured that our franchising team will take care of marketing activities for your store. This includes running giveaways, sponsorships, and more.


Do I need to follow policies & procedures?

YES. PB’s policies, procedures and culture lay the foundation for building a successful brand. Since inception back in 1997, our team has worked tirelessly to refine and perfect our systems- we are excited to share them with you.

With that said, we are always open to discussing improvements and innovation.

How long is a PB Franchise Agreement?

The standard agreement term is 5 years with a further 2 x 5 year option periods.

 In any event, the terms are designed to match the property lease terms.

How long is the typical lease term? Why is the franchise & lease term different?

We will require at least a five year initial term plus options to match the franchise agreement terms, where possible. 

What happens at the end of the lease term?

We will keep you in the loop and contact you when your store lease is coming to an end. Renewing your lease will involve a meeting between the franchise partner and the leasing team, working together to obtain the best deal for all parties.