Know someone who could use a little #pielove right now?




Our Random acts of pie-ness initiative that launched amidst COVID-19 was such a huge success- we thought, what’s stopping us from sprinkling some #pielove to amazing, upstanding  members of our local community- ALL YEAR ROUND!!


Mums, dads, grandparents, neighbours, teachers, carers, sporting clubs, volunteers, health care, emergency services, delivery drivers, front line workers- just all round legends!


We want to hear their unique story & reward their awesomeness!!


Feel free to nominate more than one person & share this page with your friends so they can get on board. Let’s do this!

We’d like to share some Random acts Pie-ness stories with you.

Meet Ron. ⠀


Ron was nominated for a “Random act of pie-ness” by his gorgeous carer Bec. ⠀


He is 93, vision impaired, and absolutely loves our pies and pasties! ☺️


Due to all the panic buying, Ron has also been forced to water down his long-life milk (which made us a little sad 😢) ⠀


Bec nominated Ron because she wanted him to be stocked up with all the things he loves- So, we’ve done just that 🥰


A box of his favourite Beef Mince Pies and Pasties to keep him happy and well fed- some fresh bread (and an extra to pop in the freezer) some yummy treats to satisfy his cheeky sweet tooth- and of course, a plentiful supply of long life milk! 👏👏👏


In an uncanny twist- when we rang Bec to tell her the good news that we had chosen Ron as one of our random act of pie-ness recipients- she was on her way to the bakery to buy the two of them lunch! 😂🙌#hardcorefan


Ron- you’re a dead set legend and we couldn’t be happier to sprinkle some #pielove in your life 💕


Stay safe mate- we look forward to seeing you on the flipside when this passes 😘

Meet Principal Michael O’Dwyer (far left) and the crew of local legends at St Joseph’s Primary school in Waroona.🏡


This random act of pie-ness nomination & win was a DOUBLE WHAMMY! 💪💪


As the newly appointed principal, Michael was nominated by work colleague & school mum Melissa, for his all-round awesomeness and ability lead his dedicated team of teachers throughout this Coronavirus curveball. 🦠👨‍💻


He also happens to be a huge PB fan- so who are we to deny the bloke a pie! 🥧😉


In the second part of this story- we celebrate the amazing crew of teachers at St Joseph’s Waroona ❤️


Nominated by local mum Megan Leroy who said they were all doing a wonderful job keeping their kids learning during this unprecedented period of remote learning. 🖥📚


This was the perfect opportunity to spread the #pielove and shout both Michael & the teaching staff a pie and coffee for lunch- while they’re still at school plugging away, getting online classes sorted to roll out in term 2 👩🏼‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓


Thanks so much for going above and beyond legends- your community is so proud. 🥰


P.s- How great is this photo- LOVE 😍