“Over the past 20 years we have won over 450 state and national awards making us one of the most awarded bakeries in WA” 


Great Aussie Pie Competition - Results 2018


3 National Awards



Footy Pie, Boutique Seafood Pie and runner up Chunky Beef & Gravy Pie


11 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze from 17 entries!!



Congratulations to our entire bake-house team for their amazing effort! 



WA's Best! Most Successful Pastry Exhibitors 2018

Baking Industry Awards &

Perth Royal Agricultural Society 





Royal Show Awards 2016


Winner- Most Successful Pastry Exhibitor

Winner- The Great Aussie "Footy Pie" (Oval shaped Classic Beef Mince Pie) 





Baking Industry Awards 2016


Most Successful Exhibitor






Official Great Aussie Pie Competition 2016


Winner- Best Gourmet Sausage Roll in Australia

Winner- Best Creative Footy Pie in Australia


Winner- 7 GOLD, 5 Silver and 2 Bronze awards








2015 Great Aussie Pie Competition

National Award Winners


"Gourmet Vegetarian Pie"



We also won 7 GOLD, 8 SILVER & 1 BRONZE for our 16 entries in 2015








Royal Show Award Winners 2015


1st Place

Gourmet Beef Pie

Hot Cross Buns

Fruit Mince Pies

Petite Fours

2nd Place

Chicken & Vegie Pie

Swiss Roll

Cream Horns

Married Upright pairs

3rd Place

Lamb Pie

Vanilla Slice

Choc Custard Eclairs


Blackforest Cake

Assorted rolls

White Plait Loaf

Wholemeal Cobb Loaf

Wholemeal Condensed Loaf



Baking Industry Award Winners 2015


1st Place

Chicken & Vegie Pie

Traditional Beef & Vegetable Pastie

Apple Strudel

Bee Sting

Continental Vanilla Slice

Continental Loaf

French Stick

Wholemeal Devon Loaf

Apple Scrolls

2nd Place

Traditional Cornish Pastie

Chocolate Eclair

Swiss Roll

Fruit Mince Slice

Creative Torte

Upright Fruit Loaf

Condensed Loaf (multigrain)

Plait Loaf

Cobb Loaf (white)

Fruit Cinnamon Scrolls

3rd Place

Curry Chicken and Vegie Pie

Sausage Roll

Vanilla Slice

Mud cake

Family Apple Pie

Fruit Scones

White Uprights (white)

White Uprights (wholemeal)

Devon Loaf

Wholemeal Cobb Loaf

White bread rolls

Wholemeal bread rolls 



Apprentice Pastry Cook: Jesse Keen

1st Fruit Scones & Assorted Cookies

2nd Fruit Mince Pies & Decorated Birthday Sponge





WINNER (overall) 2014 Alcoa Peel Business of the Year

WINNER (category) Most outstanding business with 20+ employees





Some of our previous awards:



National Award Winner 2013 Great Aussie Meat Pie 

“Gourmet Vegetarian Pie”



Perth Royal Show 2013


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Pastie Gourmet Beef Pie Vanilla Slice
Gourmet Chicken Pie Swiss Roll Black Forest Cake
Gourmet Lamb Pie Fruit Danish  
Choc Custard Eclairs Hot Cross Buns  
  Fruit Mince Pie  
  Black Forest Cake  


Baking Industry Employers Association Awards 2011


1st Place

Sausage Roll

2nd Place

Apple Pie

3rd Place

Blueberry Muffins

Swiss Roll Vienna Loaf Devon Loaf
Continental Loaf   Married Pair Uprights



Business of the Year Award


“WINNER- 2006 Telstra Country wide Business of the Year- Mandurah Peel Region”


Business Excellence Award 5 -20 Employees

“WINNER- 2006 Mandurah Peel Region Business excellence award for 10-20 employees”

Regional Small Business Awards


“FINALIST- 2006 Regional Small business awards, Telstra Country wide business with 10-20 employees”

Great Aussie Pie Competition 2006


“WINNER- 2006 National Award" (Gourmet Red Meat section)

“Rosemary’s Lamb” Best Gourmet Pie in Australia!        





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Phone: 9531 1413


36 Sth West Highway
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